Countdown to Emmy's: Louie



It’s awkward, it’s hilarious, it’s messy, and it’s brilliant. It can be whatever it wants to be, because it’s "Louie."

Louis C.K., writer and director of "Louie", literally starts off the third season with, “One time, I was jerking off and I looked at my penis and it was blurry.” So I was expecting this season to be as random and ridiculous as the first two. However, unlike the other seasons, the third one is somewhat cohesive and carries an underlying theme throughout.

None of Louie's expectations are ever met and his goals are constantly smashed whether he tries to confront his dad who he hasn’t seen in two years, tries to land the David Letterman job, or tries to rekindle his connection with Liz.

When C.K. decides to go to China to find the Yangtze River after Liz’s sudden death, even that’s a joke and it happens on New Year’s!

It may come off a bit depressing and serious, but it’s strangely optimistic. The whole season carries a sense of reality; there is never a real, happy ending and life can be really shitty sometimes, but in the end, it’s okay.

Liz, or Tape Recorder, in “Daddy’s Girlfriend” was killer. I just about died from how random and uncomfortable the whole two episodes were, and I think that’s part of the charm of "Louie."

The past seasons of "Louie" have been embarrassingly funny and painful to watch at times, and this season is no different. C.K. nails the depiction of a single, middle-aged dad’s life of trying to find a girlfriend and settle down with a steady job, while still being too honest and vulgar.

I’m not much for dramas and soap operas, so I absolutely love how quickly things resolve throughout the season. Nothing is dragged on for too long and you rarely see the same characters again, which it works out wonderfully.

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how great of actresses the two daughters are? We’ve watched them grow up since season one and my goodness, can they act! Not to mention how amazing the little one is on the violin. The youngest always has the best one-liners and is simply hilarious.

This season did make me curious to what Louis C.K. has planned for television, and if he really does have ambitions as shown in the “Late Show” episodes.

I can’t say I’m surprised that Louie was nominated for Best Comedy for the Primetime Emmy Awards, but I am surprised that Louie didn’t receive more nominations. Regardless of the show, Louis C.K. has become more than a great storyteller and director in these past three years and I’m definitely looking forward to more from him in the near future.