Arrested Development comes back after 7 years



Welcome back, Bluth Family! After seven long years, we finally get our dosage of the newest season of Arrested Development. This season is a blast from the start. I find it amazing that Hurtwitz, creator of the show, put together a full-blown cast of actors and actresses like Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig and Ron Howard. The most shocking actors to see in the show are Blake, Anders and Adam, from the show Workaholics, who appear as airline workers causing one heck of an awkward yet hilarious scene. There are also familiar characters from previous seasons that really make this one seem as if the show wasn’t off the air for too long.

I will say that it was really great of Hurtwitz to explain what happened to the Bluth’s from last season and how everyone went their separate ways. He really stuck with his guns even after being off the air. I really like how each episode of this season is divided for the individual characters. By doing this I feel like it helps the viewers see each character’s personality more in depth, as well as the struggles that somehow intertwine with other main cast members. I adore how Hurtwitz manages to take the small struggles of each character and have those struggles affect other characters at different times throughout the season. It’s like he makes you forget about an event that seems insignificant, but comes back with it later with another character the problems it causes.

For example, when George Sr. hallucinates after ingesting hallucinogenic plants and seeds given to him by a shaman, he later finds out that it wasn’t a hallucination. The shaman was Lindsey’s new boyfriend who dressed up as an ostrich and tried to terrorize the area George Sr was in. The character Tobias is well known for making his awkward appearances. In one episode, Tobias takes his wife to what he thinks is an acting class called “Method One,” but it turns out the class is actually a “methadone” rehabilitation center. Another example is when Tobias gets a new license plate that says “ANUSTART,” thinking it would read as “a new start.”

This season seems a bit fast-paced, but it’s definitely worth watching when you are at home this summer, low on gas and no money with some beers in the fridge, or just plain bored. There are so many amazing things about this show that everyone should at least take a look at it if you haven’t already. I have never watched a series that made me feel so awkward, so if you’re into that kind of stuff alongside clever puns, then you must watch this series!