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As people, we eat not only to fill up our hungry bellies, but also to bring back memories and achieve a sense of comfort. Essentially, food brings happiness, comfort, and joy into our lives. The Coffee Cup Café in Long Beach, Calif. has redefined food as we know it. Not only do they dish out a menu of crazy variations, the environment created by the astounding food and fantastic service makes you feel completely at ease, just like you’ve gone home for a warm meal. The café is a little hole-in-the-wall located at 3734 E. 4th St., Long Beach. Each dish is packed full of so much love and joy that you feel a growing sense of elation with each bite. As soon as you walk into the café, your eyes dart towards the eclectic paintings that adorn the rust-colored walls. Then suddenly, your nose is filled with the abundant smells and spices from the multitude of dishes across the room. Laughter permeates the entire restaurant as new and long-time customers intermingle.

The Coffee Cup Café has a menu that packs a punch in variety. They serve almost every breakfast item under the sun from traditional breakfast options to Mexican breakfasts, as well as a lunch menu. Each section of the menu also has a House favorite.

The highlights: the South of the Border and Out of the Ordinary portions of their menu. The South of the Border section serves up huevos rancheros, enchilada eggs, chorizo, the infamous Baja Burrito, and a breakfast quesadilla chock full of eggs, cheese, spicy green chiles, and salsa.

The House favorite Baja Burrito has an amazing mixture of textures and spices. It stands its ground against the infamous ‘Chipotle’ burritos with its enormous size. The burrito packs a punch with its marinated steak, eggs, black beans, cheese, and brown rice filling, all topped with avocado, sour cream, and salsa.

A specialty from the Out of the Ordinary section is the Sunrise Fiesta Bowl – a bowl of black bean soup topped with two poached eggs, Pico da Gallo, sour cream, avocado and salsa, served with tortillas or toast. It’s a unique and spicy way to welcome the coming morning.

You can always count on the array of scramblers to meet your specific taste requirements and fill you up to the brim. They’re packed with eggs, potatoes, and your choice of flavorful meats and vegetables. Kim Garber and Jack McManus, long-time residents of Long Beach, enjoyed their scramblers so much that they licked their plates clean, proving the menu’s undeniable deliciousness.

Not only does Coffee Cup Café dish out a mouthwatering menu, but also their service is out of this world. The servers exude a warm and loving attitude towards their customers that you’ll start thinking you’re back home again rather than at a restaurant.

“Feeding Long Beach is a treat,” proclaimed server Marsha Wells, who drives 110 miles round trip from Chatsworth to get to work each day. “The Coffee Cup Café has the best customers in the world.”

After working at the restaurant for nine years, Tony Gutierrez remains at his job at for the quality of his customers and admirable co-workers.

“They’re special here,” said Gutierrez. “My boss is nice to everyone. He tells us don’t waste the food, and you can eat anything you want,” continued Gutierrez as he patted his belly with a smile across his face.

The rave reviews from the Coffee Cup Cafe’s customers and the loyalty of their employees manifest that this hole-in-the-wall place is on a rising path because they care about their service as much as their food.

The restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 7am-2pm and Saturday to Sunday 7am-3pm. But they only take cash or checks, so forgo the credit cards and bring an empty stomach!

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