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For a religion to fit every lifestyle, look no further than home. CSULB currently has 22 active and inactive religious clubs dispersed throughout campus, leaving plenty of choices for students seeking spirituality. "The only difference between an active club and an inactive club is that the active clubs have registered through us," said Student Life and Development Advisor, Anna Nazarian-Peters. "But you can still join the non-active clubs and they (usually) hold meetings."

Most of the active Christian clubs on campus can be found through a Christian-based umbrella group, Christian Students Unite! These organizations include the Asian American Christian Fellowship, Beach Student Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ, the Chinese Christian Fellowship (currently inactive), IMPACT, Korea Campus Crusade for Christ, The Navigators and Victory Campus Ministries/Fellowship.

According to the Christian Students Unite! mission statement, the clubs' objectives are to "introduce Long Beach State University students to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith."

These clubs have been and keep planning to further the above goal through prayer, community Christ-friendly venues and events and gospels. Shifting gears, we have the Muslim Student Association. This group of students are very active at CSULB and are a part of a coalition of activist organizations on campus known as the Campus Progressives.

Next is Beach Hillel, the international Jewish student community uniting Long Beach and Orange County together through blogs, parties and meetings.

Almost entirely renovated nearly two years ago, the group focuses on bringing traditional Jewish practices into a post-modern, CSULB-friendly atmosphere via Internet and social events.

Another association, the Catholic Newman Club, is "a group that focuses on growth, community and service, [and] a place for Catholics and those interested in our faith to come, discuss, pray and share," according to their website and MySpace page. They too hold parties, gatherings and meetings.

Champions, Krishna Yoga Group (Hindu, currently inactive), Latter-Day Saints Student Association (Mormon), Pagan Alliance (currently inactive), Palm Tree Christian Club, Simple Truth (Protestant), The Beach Coptic Orthodox Christian Club (currently inactive), University Bible Fellowship and the Vietnamese Catholic Student Association (currently inactive) are more religious organizations that hold events, meetings and prayer. More information about all groups mentioned be found on campus at the Interfaith Center in the University Student Union, Room 103.

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