A CSULB student sets some guidelines for college newbies



Ten things new students really need to know about CSULB. Coming into college, you've been given countless pieces of advice from family, friends, teachers, mentors and even strangers-most of which is redundant. Some of the advice you have received has been about college in general and some specifically about CSULB. Since I'm sure you've had enough hearing about parking, finding your classes and how to interact with your professors, take some advice from someone who really knows her stuff: a fifth-year senior. I've compiled a list of tips you really need to know for the next four (or five) years here at The Beach.

1. While book shopping, keep your options open. For those of you who have already bought your books, you're aware of the damage it does on your life savings. I'm not telling you not to buy your books at the CSULB bookstore, but keep in mind that you have other options. Certain options may save you some money, and those options may just be off campus or online. Anyways, our bookstore is great! 2. Avoid Friday classes at all cost. You were probably forced into taking a Friday class this semester. You will quickly learn that you must choose between a passing grade and Thursday night. From my own experience, Thursday nights usually win that battle--make this the last Friday class you ever have to take.

3. Get a 4.0 the easy way. There is a rumor of a "4.0 Hill" on the grass down East Campus Dr. Basically, if you barrel roll down the hill in the beginning of the semester, you'll get a 4.0. I've never tried it, so I don't know if it's actually true. Then again, I've never had a 4.0.

4. Beware of the stair. Throughout campus you will notice extremely awkwardly sized stairs. They're too small to take one step at a time and too long to skip a step. You'll feel and look ridiculous whichever route you choose (twinkle toes or big foot), but remember that everyone else does too.

5. Some shortcuts aren't that short. Resist the urge to walk though the "shortcut crevice" walking toward the Student Union from the Brotman Hall round a bout. Everyone has the same idea as you and it'll save you about five minutes by just walking around that god-forsaken pillar.

6. Take a different route to class. If you're late for class on upper campus, skip the escalators and walk up the hill behind the bookstore. This will help you avoid crowds, resist the urge to get Starbucks, skip that awkward conversation with an acquaintance that's always outside of the food court, and steer clear of persistent solicitors.

7. Enjoy a beer on campus.once you turn 21, of course. The Nugget Grill and Pub is a great place to eat, hang out, and, most importantly, is the only place on campus that serves beer and wine. It's conveniently located on upper campus, so it comes in handy after (or before) a stressful test or presentation.

8. Next year, get a new pad. As much fun as you're having in the dorms, they're only cool your freshman year. Have fun in there while you can and use this time to find a better roommate for your apartment next year.

9. If you see recent alumni, thank them. For the past few semesters, there have been numerous tuition increases in order to build this immaculate Student Recreation and Wellness Center you're probably enjoying daily. The same people who were forced to fund the center must now also pay a fee to use the facility because of their alumni status. Enjoy!

10. Get involved. This piece of advice may sound cliché, but if you've found my shared wisdom to be helpful thus far, you'll listen to me now. Join a club, play an intramural sport, rush a fraternity or sorority. Try something new and have something more than a G.P.A. to show for the four (or five) years you're here. If you do, this will be the best four (or five) years of your life.

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