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Start with fate, add in a little bit of luck, a dash of right-place-right-time and a lot of raw talent and you have the beginning of alternative pop-rock soon-to-be-greats, Carolina Liar. At a young 20-years-old, lead singer Chad Wolf hopped on a plane to California from his hometown of Charleston, S.C. to make a career out of his passion for music. "It was a month after my 20th birthday, my sister had given me a credit card with her name on it and I was trying to get into music school in Los Angeles, but I wasn't quite accepted yet so I didn't really know anybody out in LA or anything like that or really even have any money saved up enough to go out there so my sister got me a credit card and I just kind of jumped just to see what would happen," says Wolf with a laugh.

After a slew of odd jobs and an internship with songwriter Diane Warren, Wolf one day found himself house-sitting for renowned Swedish music producer Max Martin, who is responsible for Britney Spears' ".Baby One More Time" album. But the relationship started off friendly as Wolf became friends with Martin and his family until Martin heard some of Wolf's music.

"What happened was Max had called us and said can we record two more songs, and the two songs we ended up writing for him to kind of get interested in the project was 'Show Me What I'm Looking For' and 'I'm Not Over,'" explains Wolf. Cut to three months later and Wolf was in Stockholm, Sweden (where Martin's home studio is) working on demos.

At the time the current drummer for the band was Sweden-born Johan Schuster, but Schuster was unable to fully commit due to his other songwriting and producing obligations (he later went on to help pen Pink's "So What" and Spears' "If You Seek Amy"). Although he wasn't able to continue with the band, Schuster introduced Wolf to some of his musician friends who became the current members of Carolina Liar - keyboardist Johan Carlsson, guitarist Jim Almgren Gƒndara, guitarist rickard G”ransson, bassist Erik h„„ger and drummer Max Grahn.

Then after rehearsing and recording their debut album "Coming to Terms" in Sweden on- and-off for about eight months, Wolf moved back to Los Angeles to wait for the other members to come over to the States.

"I came back to the States and waited until we could get visas and get everybody cleared to come into the U.S. and that happened around February last year and that's when we really started working here in the States," says Wolf. Cut to three months later and Carolina Liar's first album is released in May 2008 by Atlantic records.

The band's sound - a little bit of Coldplay mixed with The Killers mixed with their own uniqueness - began slowly gaining popularity and their first single "I'm Not Over" started getting heavy rotation along with "Show Me What I'm Looking For," "Beautiful World" and title track "Coming to Terms."

"The vocals on 'Show Me What I'm Looking For,' what's on the album and what's on the radio at the moment, that's the first take," says Wolf. "That's really the demo version of the song. As far as the vocals go, we didn't really replace anything from what we did in our bedroom at the time. So it's pretty funny that that song is still kind of stretching out and making these big moves and it's the original one. It's still the demo to some degree."

And big moves it has been making. The song has recently been featured on hit television shows like "American Idol" and "One Life to Live," along with many promotional commercial spots. The bands other tracks have also been featured on shows like "Gossip Girl," and for three consecutive weeks on "The Hills."

"That changes everything for us really," ex- plains Wolf about having their songs included in major television shows. "There's a new audience often associated a lot of times with those shows, and people don't necessarily listen to specific radio stations, but across the United States a lot of people watch certain shows, very specific about the television shows that they watch and they watch them every week so you get a big fan base out of that. It helps immediately. You can see the sales on something change like overnight."

Not only has their music been on TV, but the band themselves can say that they are small screen stars since they actually played in a scene on "90210" in February.

It's safe to say that these guys are not going to be just more musicians-turned-actors, and for now they are sticking to live shows. Currently, Wolf and G”ransson are touring the States playing acoustic sets and in the upcoming months, the band as a whole will be back on the road. With the kind of momentum Carolina Liar already has with their debut release, these guys can only continue to take over our radio and TV waves, gaining more recognition for their reaching lyrics, soaring vocals and worldly alternative mixed with pop sound. This band is here to stay, and that's no lie.

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