CD Review: Hawk Nelson "Live Life Loud"



Hawk Nelson, a Christian pop-punk/ rock band based out of Petersborough, Ontario mixing elements from bands like Jimmy Eat World and MxPx, is back on the scene with yet another album to excite the roaring crowds that await them in the United States. Their new album, "Live Life Loud," released on Sept. 22, 2009 on Tooth and Nail records, is a break from the norm for the band. This time around, Hawk Nelson aims to be more versatile in their song writing, creating a variety of different types of songs ranging from high-energy rhythms to slower acoustic tracks. This upbeat style can first be heard on the exciting and inspirational energy of the lead single and title track, "Live Life Loud," and later on the positive and uplifting "Meaning of Life." Although Hawk Nelson is widely known for their positive and high-spirited energy, this album maintains a new balance of life's hard-knocks and tough times.

Songs such as the relationship-inspired "Eggshells," was a way for vocalist Daniel Biro to outlet his emotions in a way that Hawk Nelson fans can relate to.

Pianist/ vocalist Jason Dunn made it a point on this record to have no restrictions or rules when writing songs for. With that in mind, he wrote the extremely powerful "Final Toast," an acoustic-infused emotional account about the loss of his grandfather, in which Dunn beautifully uses his personal loss to help inspire and encourage listeners going through similar situations.

On "Live Life Loud," Hawk Nelson brings an interesting take to the pop-rock genre as the band is able to channel their raw emotion in to both upbeat and mellow songs. "Live Life Loud" is a solid effort from a band on the rise.