IPOD Cozies



If your iPod is anything like mine, it has scratches and scuffs galore. Why pay $20 for a cheap, gummy plastic case when you can make your very own for a couple of bucks? (The directions are for an iPod Mini, but sizes can be easily adjusted to fit newer models.)Supplies:3x12 inch piece of felt 3x12 inch piece of contrasting fabric 3x12 inch fusible webbing Iron and ironing board Needle Embroidery floss Embellishments of your choice (optional)

Directions: 1. Cut the felt, fabric and fusible webbing into 3x12 inch pieces. Iron the fusible webbing sandwiched between the fabric and the felt. (Don't place the iron on the felt side!)

2. Fold the soon-to-be case into thirds (with the felt on the outside and the fabric lining the inside) and pin it down so that you have a pocket and a flap.

3. With your needle and three strands of embroidery floss, stitch around the pocket to fasten it into place. I used what is called the blanket stitch, but it doesn't matter what type you use, as long as the pocket is secure.

Extras: You have created the basic shell of the case. Now it is time for the fun part. Decorate the flap with buttons, extra fabric or other embellishments. Just be creative!

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