Fantastic Cafe



The plaza on the corner of Studebaker and Anaheim Street A faded yellow and red sign lights up the side of Studebaker Road portraying somewhat of a monument for old timers. Although Fantastic Café itself is near ancient, looks are completely deceiving when eating at this popular restaurant. It's your typical All-American diner with a hearty twist. Fantastic Café serves a variety of food, beverages and sweets. From famous Mexican dishes to scrumptious Chinese teriyaki bowls, this café has it all. As a personal recommendation from a cook, try the diet plate, which is a salad that consists of fresh veggies, cottage cheese and succulent peaches. The food tastes amazing and the pricing is set perfectly for any college student's budget.

The food is high quality and the service corresponds perfectly. Students receive an additional ten percent off anytime when they present their student I.D. card, just remember to bring cash, credit cards are not accepted. However, there is an ATM present in the café.

Don't forget to check out the daily specials that are indicated next to the giant menu board. And while you're waiting for your meal, feel free to treat yourself to the free chips and salsa that are served daily. It's any broke college students dream, free food!

Fantastic Café, open daily from 5 a.m. To 11 p.m., is located in the plaza on the corner of Studebaker and Anaheim Street directly across from 7-11. If you haven't tried Fantastic Café just ask around campus, it's almost certain that its legend of great food and character has and will live on forever.

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