A Change of Pace



No one would expect a couple of college baseball players to become members of an increasingly popular reggae band, but that is exactly what happened with K.P. and Pedro of True Press. Rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Pedro says that for him, the journey into the world of reggae began on the baseball field. "We would be playing catch and singing songs," he says. As he laughs, he adds, "I didn't even know I had a good voice."

The two founders of the band have been friends for nine years…or maybe a little bit longer. K.P. and Pedro strain their memories to find the exact number, joking that this is why they make music.

During parties with their baseball team, they would jam just for fun, covering songs by Bob Marley, Slightly Stoopid and specializing in Sublime's "Santeria."

The Rastafarian lifestyle became more interesting to them, which lead Pedro and K.P. to want to find out more about it. "It opened everything, it started a vision," said K.P. on the beginning of a new journey.

True Press has high goals of going national and being among the best bands in the reggae community. They would someday like to perform with well-known groups like Rebelution, Iration, Tribal Seeds and The Green.

They admit to not taking offers to perform very seriously in the beginning, but now the band members know how important every opportunity is.

Coming in contact with Dave Resin, Founder of Resin Music, really put everything in perspective for True Press. This was the beginning of their success, as Resin has worked with many bands that Pedro and K.P. admire.

Despite their increasing success, the band members are aware that it can cause people to become self-absorbed. "A lot of musician's lifestyles are more important than their callings," Pedro said.

Being able to reach out to a wide range of people in a positive way is more fulfilling than any amount of success or money according to Pedro and K.P.

The band members agree that what sets them aside form other aspiring musicians, is that they don't have a hunger for fame. "Hunger is a material thing that can be taken away," said K.P.

It is important for True Press to be able to spread positivity through their music, especially to the younger generations. Both Pedro and K.P. notice how music influences young people, often in negative ways.

"The message is always going to be out there, but we can make a negative message into a positive one," states K.P. He goes on to explain that music allows people to express themselves however they want to, and it can bring a story to life and allow you to connect emotionally to the artist as well as the combinations of rhythm and lyrics.

Pedro believes that life inspires the music he writes. "We're human, we mess up on a daily basis, but we are conscious of it," he said.

Both Pedro and K.P. know that they have been blessed with many opportunities to inspire people through their music, but they don't take anything for granted and cherish any opportunity to follow their dreams.

Accepting that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes is inspiration to create music and connect with someone who may be going through a similar situation. For True Press, knowing between what's right and what's wrong is what allows them to stay positive.

From clean-shaven baseball players to reggae artists with free downloads available on iTunes, True Press members Pedro and K.P. have certainly come out of left field.

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