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Whether you're single, seeing someone, in a relationship, or even married, these playlists will set you on a journey. Single? Check out the playlist specifically for you. In a relationship? See if the "couples" playlist will get you two singing tunes together. Not sure where you stand? There's even a playlist for you. Enjoy!  

Singles Playlist

1. "Write About Love" – Belle and Sebastian

If you can't find someone to love, you can always write about it. Hey, at least you can use your imagination to create some form of love, right? (Yeah, I guess if you do this it just goes to show how lonely you are, but this is still a good song.)

2. "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy" – JUSTICE

Who said being single has to be lonely and depressing? You're SINGLE. And young. Have some fun and let's get this party started, rigggggggghhhhhhht? Let's get drunk and freaky flyyyyyyyy! You're with people so it's alright; stay up the whole night! Go out and mingle with other singles!

3. "Boyfriend" – Best Coast

Bethany Consentino sounds pretty desperate in this song. After being single for a while, you may get sick of it and begin to feel lonely. Yet, those few of you out there that are celebrating S.A.D. can relate to the lyrics.

4. "Nighttiming" – Coconut Records

This happy tune will make you feel a lot better if you're alone on Valentine's Day. Jason Schwartzman's voice will surely enchant you and make you get up and dance.

5. "No Love" – Little Dragon

For those of you who just want to sulk on how lonely you are on Valentine's Day, listen to this song. Yukimi Nagano's jazzy voice sings depressing lyrics so it might help with the sulking.

6. "Someone's Missing" – MGMT

The song title is self-explanatory. If you have a cat or a dog maybe he/she can be that special someone for you. I mean, cats and dogs are adorable, soft and cute! Humans are pretty ugly.

7. "So Lonely" – The Police

Well if your dad didn't already ask, you can always ask your mom to be your valentine.


Couples Playlist

1. "And I Love Her" – The Beatles

After spending a couple of months or maybe some years, you finally realize you love the person. Paul McCartney sings lyrics so beautiful that if sung to any girl, she will fall instantly into your arms.

2. "Our Sweet Love" – The Beach Boys

I guess after a while your love eventually will last forever---through summer and winters according to The Beach Boys. It'll just float on as you spend your life with that significant other.

3. "Good Lovin' Outside" – Animal Collective

Perhaps after listening to this song, you and your significant other may want to go outside…

4. "Lover of Mine" – Beach House

Gentlemen, sing this song to your girlfriends!

5. "The Sea of Love" – Cat Power

Ladies, sing this song to your boyfriends!

6. "I Am a Girlfriend" – Nobunny

After the initial stage of romance that included many dates and ends with you guys admitting that enjoy being together, it's time for a relationship. Celebrate by listening to Nobunny because you're officially a girlfriend! (Boys just replace the word "girl" with "boy".)

7. "You and I" – Washed Out

This is a really chill song. Ernest Greene knows how to set the mood. It's relaxing, a bit romantic and soothing. Try listening to it together if you and your significant other want to relax or take a nap together.

 Hook ups/I Don't Know What Playlist  (For those who object to defining a relationship status)

1. "Be Be Your Love" – Rachael Yamagata

Here's a song that will surely win a man's heart if a woman sang it to him. It'll tug heartstrings and leave him melting away.

2. "I Was Made For You" – She & Him

Zooey Deschanel describes her feelings about meeting someone in this song. Great song to listen to after meeting that special someone that will change your world completely.

3. "I've Got A Crush On You" – Frank Sinatra

Guys -- you should sing this song to that cute girl you've been crushing on and ask her out. It has a 99.9% effectiveness of working because it's Frank Sinatra.

4. "PoP! Goes My Heart" – Hugh Grant

Despite the cheesy music video for this song (and Hugh Grant shaking his butt in the music video), the catchy '80s beats will surely leave you humming the tune. The lyrics are about falling out of love and then falling back in love.

5. "Everyday" – Buddy Holly

"Everyday it's a-gettin' closer. Goin' faster than a roller coaster. Love like yours will surely come my way." Holly describes that nervous feeling one gets when asking someone out. The pounding heart beats, the heavy breathing, the nerve-wracking excitement, the butterflies---this song explains it all.

6. "This Charming Man" – The Smiths

There's a charming young man out there for you ladies, somewhere. And if you're crushing on one, consider asking him out by singing this tune to him. The lyrics are so beautiful he just has to say 'yes'!

7. "Meet Me in the Bathroom" – The Strokes

If you're looking for something not too serious, and you're one to consider being in a relationship for the sake of lust, then this song is perfect for you.

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