Brandon and Leah


Brandon & Leah #1 - Denise Truscello

LA-based band Brandon and Leah have taken the indie music scene by storm. The duo, made up of husband and wife Brandon and Leah Jenner, is ready to take on 2014 with new music and live shows.

Brandon Jenner met Leah Felder before they both turned 14. In high school, Brandon and Leah played in different bands, eventually leading them into music together. This mutual love for music sparked a connection and they soon began dating. Since then, they have worked together as the band Brandon and Leah. They married in 2012 in Hawaii.

The duo has recently been featured on the past two seasons of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” On the show, they document their music career as well as take part in many Kardashian activities, such as vacations and family parties. As far as starting their own reality show, Brandon and Leah might hold off on that idea for a while.

“We love making music. Reality TV, while it can be a nice boost to our audience, doesn’t coincide with the lifestyle we have,” Brandon Jenner said. “We like to work on our craft; the two lifestyles kind of contrast.”

Brandon and Leah released their EP, Cronies, in April 2013. The five-song album shows off the soulful sound of the duo while maintaining a California-grown vibe throughout each tune. The EP’s indie pop sound is relaxing, yet keeps listeners moving and exudes a beachside feel that makes the band unique. Brandon and Leah were inspired to write Cronies by individuality and the idea of keeping true to themselves.

“Leah and I sat down and chose the songs we liked the most, that spoke the most to us,” Brandon Jenner said.

On average, they spend about a week writing each song. They choose to write about universal topics, while incorporating personal experiences to give each song its own identity. One song in particular, “Say it Ain’t so Bad,” stands out for Leah Jenner.

“‘Say it Ain’t so Bad’ is my favorite song off the EP only because when I wrote it, I wrote it for my sister," Leah Jenner said. "I feel so connected to it."

The song shows the raw emotion of supporting someone who is afraid to end a relationship, even if it is not going well.

Cronies was released without a major record label. After ending their deal with Warner Bros. Records, they began work on Cronies with co-producer Tony Berg. Brandon and Leah decided to release this EP independently to have complete artistic control over the music and image they wanted to put out.

Not only did it give them freedom, but it also allowed them to take their time writing each and every song until they were satisfied with it.

“I’m drawn to new technology that shakes up music industries," Brandon Jenner said. "We have companies like iTunes and Amazon now. I feel like we are in a lucky time where we don’t need a label to put out music; we can use these avenues, [and] we are taking advantage of the new model.”

Before releasing Cronies, Brandon and Leah released two singles on iTunes.

In October of last year, Brandon and Leah played their biggest show to date. They sold out The Troubadour, located in West Hollywood, within the first five days of ticket sales. The venue holds less than 500 people keeping the show intimate, yet exciting.

“That show at The Troubadour was the most pivotal moment of my career,” Leah Jenner said. “My whole life, I’ve gone there to watch my favorite bands. It was such a chilling moment for me.”

As for now, the duo lives in Malibu, California. After living in Santa Monica for six years, they decided to move in order to have more time and space to write in a peaceful setting.

Brandon and Leah eventually want to have children, but are currently focusing on their music. They plan on releasing a new album within the year and playing a few shows around Southern California.

“We love being on the road,” Brandon Jenner said. “We are just trying to write better music and inspire other people with it.”