Prepare for your Valentine's outfits of the day


Fade to Pink

Quick, don’t look! The lovey dovey tweets, insta-couple pics and Facebook love rants are going to be at an all time high thanks to Valentine’s Day, or what I like to call Singles Awareness Day. Despite Valentine’s Day being one of the cheesiest and most anticipated day of the year for hopeless romantics, I can only hope Cupid shoots anyone in the ass that has the urge to wear head to toe hearts or any other obnoxious prints because of this hallmark holiday.

Although I cannot help you with the perfect gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, lover, or undefined-relationship-that-you-wished-was-clarified-so-you-know-to-get-him-or-her-a-gift, I can assist you on one very important question that is asked not only on special days like Valentine’s Day but everyday--what should I wear?


For a dinner date or a night out try this winter season's latest trends of pale pink and monochromatic. A curve hugging skirt cinches the waist and accentuates the booty, especially for bottom heavy women who are not afraid to show off what they have going on. A crop top with draping feels elegant and works best with the high waisted proportions of a pencil skirt. Be sure toaso keep your makeup neutral with light pink tones for a slightly flushed finish.

If your Valentine’s Day plans are not very extravagant, take the opportunity to play with your look by adding accent pieces like a heart-shaped clutch and earrings. A flirty waist-defining peplum top and blazer will give the appearance of a more polished look, while keeping the fun accessories from seeming childish. Bonus points for finishing your look with red heels and a bold lip, keeping within the unofficial Valentine’s Day colors.

Depending on how your night might end, you’re going to want to be prepared with the appropriate undergarments. Valentine’s Day is a great way to dress up for your lover or even for yourself. Obviously lingerie is very sexy all on its own, but spraying a bit of perfume like Beyonce’s Midnight Heat or Burberry’s Body Rose Gold will leave you covered with a delicious scent even after you’ve undressed.

Valentine’s Day at times places too much pressure with unrealistic expectations of how the day should go. This year, think simple. Focus on loving your significant other, family and friends, but most importantly yourself.

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love someone else?” (Rupaul, Rupaul’s Drag Race) is very much true.

For those of you who do not have a Valentine, don’t worry! Show yourself some love and treat yourself to something nice like a new pair of heels. No one is ever alone in the comfort of retail therapy. If you’re lucky enough to spend Valentine’s day with your sweetheart remember, flowers die but heels last forever (or at least in my book.)

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