Highlights from New York Fashion Week



Nearly 300 different presentations of fashion fabulousness strutted down the runway last week at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, setting trends for the fall season. Here's some common threads that were showcased.

Oversized Heavy Fabric Sweaters

Our first fall trend is oversized sweaters, especially good for the lazy yet fashion hungry. And not just slouchy--oversized, like found-in-your-dad's-closet oversized. Good news for those interested in Renaissance antiquity--the West's famous art movement has moved its way onto the organic prints and painterly dresses of the runway. I'm a big fan of clothes looking like paintings or upholstery (use that old sofa to make a dress) so naturally I am very excited about this. Many looks this season such as those by Ruffian and Tory Burch were inspired by armor and tapestry. Prints looking like they should be hanging in the Louvre instead of on women's shoulders, inspired by 16th century Dutch paintings, are a hot item this fall.

Cowboy vs Alien: The wild west meets the future Next is the Western hat--one of my favorite trends seen in NYFW this fall. This quintessential American hat was used deftly in Dio Lee's collection, adding a bit of cowboy to the modern, futuristic collection.

Blast to the past: Fluffy! A fun and enjoyable trend seen on the runway this fall are Teddy bear jackets. Reminiscent of Sasquatches or Muppets, various designers sent big fluffy jackets down the runway that billowed and swelled in their wake. If you're going to be layering, why not have a great time doing it?

Comfortable and flowy Wide-legged pants were seen dancing about model's legs in many designers’ collections this season. Especially those of Michael Kors, many of which stopped mid-calf and Tory Burch and Anna Sui, who both featured opulent prints.

Although there were many collections, a few stood out from the crowd and turned the most heads this year.

Vera Wang Vera Wang's show has gotten people talking this week as her Tuesday show opened with a shirt that said, "You bug me" and had a great big bug hanging onto the model's back. Her models fiercely swaggered down the runway in dark colors, layering black on black strong and sexy overtones. Beady bug eyes twinkled from around women's necks and on their lapels in beetle-like necklaces, clasps and brooches.

Rodarte Sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy had a little too much fun in their Rodarte collection this season. Obvious Star Wars fans, the sisters celebrated elements and characters from the movies in their designs. Cellphones to photograph the moment were pulled out like men with swords in battle when gowns of huge printed images of the Death Star, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and Yoda sauntered down the runway.

Diesel Black Gold The futuristic chrome jackets alluding to astronaut suits, furry black vests and mirror mini-skirts makes Diesel Black Gold one of my favorite collections from New York Fashion Week. The city-slicking modern pants alone in this collection are something to rave about, making their wearers look empowered, like they are about to go seal some deals. The use of sharp, pointed black ankle boots and flats strengthened nearly every one of their already strong looks. Ankle boots adorned with strapping buckles are going to be a highly envied item in the coming months.

Many enjoy the unusual and innovative fashion which defined numerous collections from NYFW.

Among my favorites are Tory Burch, which fed the desires of my antiquity-loving soul with ornate prints amour-inspired-belts. Diesel Black Gold resurfaced my secret longing to be an astronaut with the edgy chrome outerwear and shoes sharp enough to be weapons. I adored Anna Sui, who always remembers to have a good time with her wild and fun print pants and glittering blazers. The masculine women's wear and thick furry jackets from Elizabeth and James have already got me searching my mother's closet for clothes I can't wear during spring in California. As a whole, I was thrilled by the collections seen last week and will be spending my spring cursing the sun for fall to roll back around so that I can wear this huge furry jacket without dying of heat stroke.

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