The Dalla Luna Experience


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Sarah Borean is a junior journalism major at Cal State Long Beach and when she isn’t at school she is giving crystals life.

 After visiting Bali, Indonesia, Borean decided she wanted to create spiritual crystal jewelry and share it with others.

“I love to give everyone my love and my energy. My inspiration are my friends and the people that surround me,” Borean says.

 After three years of making handmade jewelry, she’s finally taking her creative hobby and expanding a little further with the help of her boyfriend, JR Racine. What were once creations made for fun or given to friends for birthdays or Christmases are now available for anyone to purchase.

Dalla Luna, which translates from Italian to english, “From the Moon” is a name that came to Borean when she and Racine were excited about the new business idea. “I’m Italian and I’m really into the moon and astrology. The moon has something on my heart,” Borean says.

Crystal stones, copper and silver are among some of the materials Borean uses on her rings and necklaces.

Before, Borean used scrap metal but is transitioning to use more silver for higher quality pieces. For her stones, she shops back home in Murphys, CA.

According to Borean, Crystal stones have an array of spiritual and metaphysical properties and manifestations.“I’m very spiritual and into crystals and crystal healing and learning about it so I always have crystals around me,” Borean said.

"I want to spread the word about wearing crystals as a jewelry and using them as a healing purpose. I don’t just want to make a bunch of jewelry and sell it, I want it to be an energy filled venture and i want people to be excited about it.”


For pictures of Borean’s jewelry and contact information visit www.instagram/dalla_luna.

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