Yo! Let's go to Joe Jost's!


Joe Jost's YUM sandwich

The good ol’ fisherman's headquarters, Joe Jost’s 90th year anniversary is approaching! Let’s celebrate with Cold Beer, pickled hard boiled eggs and some pretzels, please!

I had heard  about this joint from my best friend for quite a while, and the famous Joe Jost’s T-shirt hype just kept me wondering, so I decided a little trip was necessary.

Entering Joe Jost’s, there is a definite divey bar feel going on, Although the “regulars” seemed a bit territorial, its still a good time.

There are some booths facing the bar that comfortably seat about five.  Heads of dead animals and pictures of Joe Jost’s lovers adorn the walls, and if you walk to the back, you will find three pool tables.

The sandwiches are very simple yet paired fabulously with a nice cold beer.  Joe’s special sandwich is the name of a Rye bread home to a polish sausage that lays in the center with a buddy named pickle while a blanket of swiss cheese and mustard keep them warm.

 There are also pickled hard boil eggs served on a bed of pretzels.  Sounds strange, but you can’t skip on their famous pickled eggs! Salami sandwiches, hot dogs, egg salad and liverwurst sandwiches are options as well, friends.

The beer of choice is served In a chilled schooner glass that sweats for your touch.  The shiner, bock is almost like an amber with a poppy taste that leaves your mouth craving more.

Yellow eggs, polish sausage on rye may not sound or look very appealing, but wait until it touches the taste buds— a whole fisherman narnia awaits!

This upcoming August, Joe Josts will be celebrating their 90th birthday.  What started of as a bar that attracted fisherman, port neighbors, is a must visit landmark for anyone in the LBC.


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