10 Days of Oscars: Gravity



“Gravity” is one of the most technologically advanced films to hit screens in the past decade. Featuring incredible direction from Alfonso Cuarón and a brilliant performance by Academy Award-winner Sandra Bullock, “Gravity” has the potential to win the Oscar for Best Picture. One of the many reasons that “Gravity” is deserving of an Oscar is its incredibly relatable storyline. The story of Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) and her multiple attempts to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds is something than can inspire audiences of all backgrounds. Yes, the premise of the story may be simple, but the emotional payoff at the film’s conclusion is unlike anything many audiences have seen. To be in contention for the Best Picture Oscar, a film must have heart. “Gravity” has plenty of it.

In terms of technology, “Gravity” is one of the most sophisticated and advanced films ever to be made. Best seen in 3-D, “Gravity” wows audiences with its all-too-real special effects. Part of the appeal of grandiose Hollywood is the escapism that these films offer. “Gravity” allows those of all ages to abandon the notions of gravity and begin to understand what being weightless must feel like.

For once, “Gravity” seems ahead of the curve. While many of its fellow Oscar nominees stuck to cliché-filled plots, “Gravity” risked everything by presenting itself as a science-fiction action flick first. In all fairness, though, the film is much more about inspiration and the power of love.

If “Gravity” does not receive the Best Picture Oscar, it would signal to Cuarón that innovation is not tolerated. Like “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Gravity” reinvents the proverbial wheel. Why not reward the film for its good deeds?