DIG Box Office: "Endless Love"



“Endless Love” opened in theatres on Valentines Day and is a story about the stereotypical good girl falls in love with bad boy. Gabriella Wilde plays Jade Butterfield, the privileged, rich, sheltered girl. Alex Pettyfer plays David, the charismatic yet rebellious bad boy.

Jade and David went to high school together. He has been in love with her since their sophomore year, yet she never noticed him until graduation. Jane’s brother passed away from cancer, so her father, Hugh Butterfield (Bruce Greenwood), is very protective and doesn’t let her out of his sight. Her mother, Anne Butterfield (Rhys Wakerfield), on the other hand is rather “inspired” by their love.

Their love developed quickly. When Jade meets David, she decides to throw a graduation party and she falls in love then and there. She had two weeks before she left for an internship, but after spending her two weeks with David she decided to stay with him and ditch the internship. Her father became furious and did whatever he could to tear them apart, but the harder he tried the more Jade fell in love with him.

Jade has another brother, Keith, that tries hard to make his dad proud. Both Jade and Keith try to keep up with their father’s expectations and that was what the film was mostly about rather than David and Jane’s love.

Jade’s dad did try to keep her and David apart, but they didn’t necessarily fight for their love. David decides to leave Jade alone after Mr. Butterfield threatened him. So Jade left for college and he stayed there. It took him quite some time to talk to Anne and ask her about Jade.

Jade comes back weeks later and David looks for her and convinces her to runaway. However, an unforeseen incident occurs, but rather than it focusing on their love, it focuses on Hugh. Whether or not he must be ready to let go of the death of his son.

The love story was underdeveloped and there were too many story lines going on at once. This movie could have been better if it focused on their love and passion.