Imagine Dragons slays the Forum for the lovers



The Forum, once home to the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and the NHL’s LA Kings, welcomed Imagine Dragons with opening acts Nico Vega and the Naked and Famous on Valentine’s Day. The venue itself just re-opened after undergoing a major renovation. The new owner, the Madison Square Garden Company, wanted to restore it and make it another profitable concert space. According to an article by KPCC, the Madison Square Garden Company purchased the space in 2012 for an estimated $23.5 million.

The Forum is tricky to find because it is hidden and its proximity to other landmarks in the area like the Hollywood Park Casino and Race Track may be misleading to people unfamiliar to Inglewood or Los Angeles. On top of that, parking costs $25.

Attendees walking up to the venue were greeted with a pseudo photo booth, allowing patrons to snap pictures with the Night Visions tour logo as their background.

Once inside, the black and red colored walls add almost a nightclub feel. There are multiple restrooms, food stands and merchandise vendors. On the walls are pictures and names of the previous artists who have performed at the venue such as Michael Jackson, Queen and The Eagles.

The Forum, or the Fabulous Forum as it is also known, is spacious with the capacity to seat 17,500 people and every one of them was filled and moving as each band took center stage.

The crowd slowly trickled into the newly renovated Forum.
The crowd slowly trickled into the newly renovated Forum.

First Nico Vega pumped up the crowd as lead singer Aja Volkman’s voice permeated the air punctually. Many people were continuously filing in, but not a lot of people were familiar with the band. As their set drew to an end, attendees were grooving out, and are more than likely to look them up afterward..

The Naked and Famous kept the memento up and rising throughout their set too. The crowd went wild when they closed out the set with their hit single “Young Blood. “

The build up to Imagine Dragons' entrance was intense.

The crowd was antsy.

Everyone yelled and jumped as the band members made their way on stage.

The band played songs from their previous EPs as well as their debut album, “Night Visions.” The crowd went wild for “Radioactive”, “Demons” and “It’s Time.”

Frontman Dan Reynolds spoke to the crowd on several occasions, noting the size of the venue and LA being like a second home to the band.

When the song “On Top of the World” was being performed, big balloons with confetti were tossed out into the crowd. As each balloon made its way to the main stage, the lead singer popped them with his drumstick and spilled its contents on the rambunctious crowd.

Reynolds explained that the Forum’s crowd was in for a special treat. Something that the band had been meaning to do for a while came true Friday night. Imagine Dragons did a cover of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” which had the crowd singing and jamming aloud word for word.

From the first song up until the loud, methodical ongoing guitar and drum solos at the end of their set, Imagine Dragons proved that their music is just as crisp and unique as it sounds in their albums and on the radio. The crowd was electric the entire night and it was palpable even as they stepped out of the Fabulous Forum raving.