We Are The In Crowd's "Weird Kids" is playful and refreshing



After three years of demanding worldwide tours since their debut release "Best Intentions," American pop-punk quintet We Are The In Crowd released their new album "Weird Kids" via Hopeless Records on February 18th. After teasing fans with token single releases, such as "The Best Thing (That Never Happened)," expectations were high for the band. We Are The In Crowd doesn't disappoint with its versatile offering that reaches new heights for the band.

"Weird Kids" opens with the anticipation building "Long Live The Kids," a slow starter showcasing the strength of front-woman Taylor Jardine’s vocals, before taking us on a journey through pop-punk anthems packed full of power.

"The Best Thing (That Never Happened)" remains one of the stand-out tracks of the album, with its playful, punchy sound and sing-a-long lyrics.

Taking a respite from the album’s full-frontal energy, the eerily beautiful ballad "Windows in Heaven" shines through, dealing with the depths of loss through strong, symbolic lyrics and a confident vocal melody from Jardine.

One of the strengths of We Are The In Crowd lies in the flawless vocal harmonies of Jardine and guitarist Jordan Eckes, which soars seamlessly throughout the album. The vocal interplay and layering of sounds gives Weird Kids a depth and originality. Tracks such as "Come Back Home" give Eckes a chance to shine, proving that he is not just backing for Jardine.

There is an overwhelming sense of nostalgia throughout "Weird Kids," showing how this young band are growing up and dreaming of the future. The positive messages and appreciation of their achievements is playful and refreshing.

Drummer Rob Chianelli demonstrates how We Are The In Crowd have matured as musicians since "Best Intentions," as he effortlessly throws in interesting fills for a dynamic sound.

With cries of “We’re all just weird kids in the end” encasing "Attention," Weird Kids tells a story of a group who are moving away from their inception as pop-punk kids and developing their standing as a mature and skilful band. They’ve planted their feet firmly and dug in their heels – We Are The In Crowd are here to stay.