Dimepiece revolutionizes the view on women's street fashion


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There is no denying that we live in a man’s world, where testosterone rules the streets, corporations, and even most households. However, two fashion revolutionaries have come to rock the boat of not only the fashion industry, but pop culture as well. In the Spring of 2007, a movement created by Ashley Jones and Laura Fama shook the norms of women’s fashion and demanded, not only men, but the entire fashion world to stay on their toes.

According to their website, “Dimepiece is a lifestyle and a someone. She is no less bold in her dress than in her mentality. She is a charming vision of powerhouse feminist meets eccentric daydreamer. She is independent, forward-thinking and lives out loud."

This brand is the epitome of what a revolution is, dramatically transforming the ideals of what is, to what should be.

Their brand is quickly becoming iconic as they inspire women everywhere to embrace their inner feminist with bold and witty slogans like “Ain’t no wifey” or one of my personal favorites “trEAT your girl right.”

Dimepiece is not only a clothing brand but a lifestyle that is altering the frame of mind of women and men alike, to view the female gender as more than a subservient version of the male counterpart. That we, as vagina-wielding and lip-smacking beings, are a force to be reckoned with and stand for more than the traditional “Wifey” or damsel in distress role that society places upon us.

Surely that is what Ashley and Laura intended when Dimepiece was in the works, because girls around the world are now embracing a new outlook, one of “I can do bad all on my own.”

Although many other brands have tried to imitate what Dimepiece started and truly stands for, it is without a doubt Dimepiece leads the pack with unapologetic girl power graphics and LA street-meets-contemporary apparel.

Many celebrities have joined the movement like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, super model Cara Delevingne and many more. The latest from Dimepiece is just as edgy and street chic as always.

Who else could make a pair of sweatpants and T-shirts look sexy as hell? Check them out and embrace the revolución.

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