The Greenhouse



Imagine a greenhouse where the scent of coffee invades your sense of smell and lounging is allowed.  Couches and tables surround the open space while green plants adorn every corner. There is a second floor where plants wrap around a silver metal rail, like snakes leading you to a study haven where arched door windows allow natural light to beam in.

This place exists! At the edgy, yet comfortable Greenhouse café, fellow downtown long beachers can chill for hours and get their study on.

The decor is, of course, green, with mismatched chairs that add to the charm. The lighting sets a relaxing mood, welcoming natural light to bathe over the tables.

This coffee shop is not only green colored, but green in purpose as well—carrying only organic and supporting local businesses. “We try to focus on healthy alternatives,” barista Susanna Moore said.

The Greenhouse carries are Rosepark, Roasters and Stumptown coffees.  Rosepark and roaster is fair trade, organic and local, while Stumptown is from Portland.

All teas are organic and loose leaf. The teas they carry are Rishi brand, green, black and white are an option; the buds will take you to a flowery, earthful place.

Paninis, bagels, wraps and soups are also served. The Greenhouse panini is their most popular sandwich.

Two slices of whole-grain baguette are pressed to a toast perfection, embracing a lemon-marinated chicken breast, while a moose-like garlic aioli sauce keep the chicken moist.  Cilantro, avocado, roman tomatoes, spinach and that red onion light-crunch is just the cherry on top.

The panini is served with a side salad. A strawberry smoothie-like puree is spread neatly on top as a dressing.

Every Friday and Saturday, the Greenhouse features local bands from all around town.

The Greenhouse is located on the corner of Broadway and Linden, open most nights until 10 p.m.

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