Veloz: A new take on the training cleat




The next big thing in football is very light. Inspired by training NFL player, DeSean Jackson, personal trainer Gary Cablayan has created an enhancement to a training cleat that has made athletes faster.

This new athletic shoe, Veloz, is a football-training cleat that is made of carbon fiber, which makes the shoe lightweight to enhance the players running performance during the 40-yard dash. The shoe is designed like a track shoe, but made specifically for football players to train in.

The name Veloz means “accelerate and velocity” in Spanish, which was chosen to epitomize the cleats’ power and speed. The cleat differs from other competitors in that it is not made of plastic, and instead, the carbon fiber makes the shoe very lightweight, giving it more stability and movement for turf.

“When I was doing 40-yard training for NFL Player DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles, we were trying to find the best shoe for him to run in and there was nothing out there, which inspired me to create a football training shoe that was flexible and light,” says Cablayan, creator of Veloz.

Cablayan is a California State University, Long Beach alumni who competed as a sprinter/hurdler for the university and became a four-time Big West Conference Champion.

He first started his own track club international elite in 1993 and since then, has become involved with sports performance. Cablayan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in 1997 and has competed for the Philippine National Team, winning in both the 110m and 400m hurdles.

Cablayan is CEO and director of performance of EVO Sports Training and a personal trainer for numerous professional and collegiate athletes, as well as Olympians in numerous sports. In addition, he has coached various Division I and II teams in the high school and collegiate level.

He became sprint and speed coordinator for Velocity Sports Performance and Athletes First for the NFL Pre-Draft Combine.

With years of expertise in the training and coaching field and proof of performance results, Cablayan created a pair of shoes that are desperately needed.

One thing that many do not realize is that football players are using soccer cleats to train in because they are lightweight compared to other heavy football training cleats, thus the need for a training shoe like Veloz.

“The stability and what it gives you back when you pull off the ground because of how the carbon is made, and the stiff part of the shoe, gives you results. The other shoes out there don’t give you the same results,” Cablayan said.

Cablayan has tested this shoe with a few of his athletes, including DeSean Jackson, with proven track record that this shoe will improve and increase acceleration.

“I have had teammates and other athletes approach me at training camps asking me about the shoe, wanting a pair for themselves,” Patterson said. “Athletes including myself are always anxious and nervous when training for game day, and this shoe has given me the confidence when I am out there on the field.”

“I am trying to get it out there and use the connections I have within the industry to pitch numerous brands in the football industry like Adidas, Nike and Under Armour,” Cablayan said.

The shoe currently has a patent with prospects of getting into the market, which will sell for a slightly higher cost than a regular training shoe. As of now, his athletes are the first to wear and train with the shoe. For more information on Gary Cablayan and if you are an athlete interested in improving athletic performance with EVO Sports Training, visit

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