Instead of grabbing pasta from Pizza Hut or a pizza from Domino’s, walk down to P3 Artisan Pasta and feast on fresh Italian classics.

Upon walking into the petite restaurant, your eyes are greeted with the minimalistic yet refined white walls, tables and décor.

Off to the right there is a fully stacked rack of various wines which you can enjoy with your meal. Another staple of P3’s is the homemade pasta noodles on display and diners get the opportunity to see it made right before their eyes.

P3’s Artisan Pasta is a funky name for an Italian restaurant. The P3 seems to stand for pasta, pizza and empanadas. Yes, you heard right, empanadas and pastas. Yelp reviewers give high marks about P3’s take on this Latin favorite.

The place itself is simple but the food, freshness and flavor definitely set it apart from other restaurants. Their pizzas are hand-crafted and finished off in an imported wood-burning oven. There are pizza and pasta options for both carnivores and vegetarians.

The signature Margarita pizza is delicious. The thin crust is the perfect balance of crispy and flaky. The sauce is the stand out, it is not overpowering and it is not too thick. It balances out the gooeyness of the melted mozzarella, the crispiness of the crust, and the herbaceous basil leaf.

Another great dish is the lasagna—sorry vegetarians, it has meat. The noodle is the right thickness; not rubbery from being overcooked. The sauce in this dish has a bit of a kick to it and it has a richer flavor. The ground beef is soft and juicy. Each bite and each layer melts deliciously in your mouth. By the time you look down, it is all gone.

Hope you save room for dessert. Each day a new dessert is available, so make sure to ask your waiter which are the desserts of the day.

On Friday, the two desserts available were a dessert empanada and a café brulè. The in-house café brulè is a take on its classic French counterpart.

When it comes to your table, you’ll notice the hard exterior of the torched sugar on top of the odd-colored and Espresso-flavored custard. As you crack the shell to get a spoonful of the sugary custard, brace yourself for a such a sweetness overload that your taste buds go into shock. After eating, you’ll most likely crave milk or water to dilute the rich sugary flavor in your mouth.

Each dish from appetizer, main course and dessert is aesthetically pleasing yet not overly garnished.

P3’s food is honest, delicious, and best of all—not hard on your wallet. They are open for breakfast, too, and if you thought it couldn’t get any better, you can call in your order and avoid the wait for dining in.

P3 Artisan Pasta is located at 2306 E. 4th Street next door to Portfolio’s Coffeehouse. The micro Italian restaurant is one of two new restaurants on Retro Row the other Aji Peruvian Cuisine is right next door.

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