Be a 2012 survivalist


Freeze-dried foods may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the end of the world, but after reading this, they just might. The year of 2012 has long been talked about as the end of the world, as predicted by many ancient beliefs. This fear has many people across the nation stockpiling goods. Simply put, stockpiling goods are survival kits on steroids. Stockpilers practice the “couple extra” method, which allows them to be more discreet about their purchases by buying a few extra items for the pile each trip. Now that you’re ready to hit the stores, here are a few facts and important information about foods that you can add to your pile. FOOD CALCULATIONS: HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? | At the Wise Food Storage website there is an active calculator that will estimate how much food is needed to survive. You just type in how many people over age ten, or under age ten as the case might be, that need to be served. The calculator will give you several sets of information such as the amount of servings, whether that amount will last for two meals or three meals per day and the cost of that number of servings.

COOKING 101 There are many different ways to cook during an emergency, but the two most popular are either to secure a Stove in a Can or a solar oven. A combination of the two might be the best way to go. You never know when Mother Nature will put her two cents in!

HOT AND HOTTER In Southern California it can get pretty cold at night. The surest way to keep warm is by getting a portable heater. One thing you don’t want to do is try to cozy up to a charcoal grill. The fumes from a charcoal grill can kill. Play it safe.

DIFFERENT FOODS FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS Some of the main entrees for the emergency food packs are stroganoff, cheesy lasagna, teriyaki chicken with rice, and Alfredo pasta with chicken. There is also the option of putting together your own styled emergency food kits.

BATHROOM BREAKS You can get a complete portable toilet system for emergency use. The top even looks like a toilet seat. Definitely a necessity for all!

EVEN COVERAGE Even with the basics, you have to keep covered. In this case, you need an emergency shelter. The simplest form would be a tarp, some rope and tent stakes. That’s all you really need. But of course, emergency shelters also come in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

GOTTA HAVE IT! Water is a necessity to survive. A person can live for several days or weeks with little to no food, but only a few days with little to no water. Collapsible water containers are a must, as well as water purifying tablets. One tablet will go a long way.

SEEING IS BELIEVING Even in an emergency you can get busy cranking things out. In this case, you’re cranking the power for radio or light. By cranking the handle, there is no need for batteries, which makes it a handy tool to have.

A DICTIONARY FOR THE SURVIVALIST The National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs will show a person how to care for the most basic medical needs while trying to survive.

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