Bates Motel brings along more mystery for season two



Bates Motel returns with a chilling and promising new season.  Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga and Max Thieriot are back to reprise their roles as the Bates family.  This modern-day prequel tells the story of Norman Bates and his mother prior to the events of Alfred Hitchock’s Psycho. The first season proved to be successful and drew in 3 million viewers for its premiere and kept a steady viewership all season long. The quiet town of White Pine only gets stranger and more mysterious as the series progresses. We last saw Norman running home in the rain from a school dance with no recollection of why he started running in the first place. The final shot of the season wasof a dead Blair Watson and the audience was left with an uncertainty of who the murderer was. The premiere of season two is set four months after the night of the dance and Norman continues to mourn the death of his teacher. Sheriff Alex Romero (Nestor Carbonell) begins to question his obsession with his teacher’s death after he brings in pictures of a man hanging around Miss. Watson’s grave that he believes to be suspicious. Fortunately for Norma, it is summer and business is booming. However, this sudden popularity won’t last long with plans for the bypass underway which makes her very uneasy, but she is determined not to let it get built.

Nicola Peltz also returns as Bradley Martin, with a more edgy personality. After being institutionalized for attempted suicide, she is determined to know the truth behind her father’s death. As Bradley learns more about her father, it was revealed that he had an affair with Blair Watson and it could be the reason why he was killed. Dylan (Max Thieriot) informs her that Blair was also involved with Gil and that it will be better for both of them if she stops looking for answers. Her path to the truth eventually leads to vengeance and she turns to Norman for help when she finds herself in a tight situation.

The show is thrilling, shocking, suspenseful and often creepy. Vera Farmiga was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Female Lead in a Drama Series for her remarkable interpretation of Norma Bates. The questionable incestuous relationship adds to the mystery of the show and makes it all the more entertaining to indulge on. There is just something so fascinating about the Bates.

Season 1 told a compelling story within 10 episodes without having to rush underdeveloped storylines or characters. This new season will also only be 10 episodes long, but it is sure to move at an appropriate pace that will answer all our burning questions and entertain us along the way.

You can watch Bates Motel Mondays at 9 on A&E. Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix for your binging needs.