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* KEY: $ 0 - 20 | $$ 25 - 50 | $$$ 75 AND UP 1. Gondola Ride $$$: Looking for something extra fancy to do at night? You will experience the Italian Renaissance romance during a moonlit ride through Naples Island and Belmont Shore. The Gondola fits two to four people per ride so double dates are an option too. But don’t forget the gratuity! More information at Price: $124 for 2-4 people

2. Sir Winston’s $$$: Planning on doing some fine dining? Sir Winston’s may be just the place you are looking for. Whether you want seafood, a good steak or vegetarian options, they can accommodate you. Sir Winston’s will be providing a special Valentine’s Day menu where couples can partake in a five-course meal. And while dining you can take in the entertainment provided by the live band. If the neither of these things impress you the view definitely will. Sir Winston’s is aboard the Queen Mary. What’s better than a waterfront dining experience? Price: Menu at

3. Gray Whale & Dolphin Cruise $$: If doing something out of the box is your plan, think about taking your date to do some dolphin and whale watching on the Harbor Beach Cruise. If you decide to take a ride along the Rainbow Harbor, then you and your significant other are bound to spot yourself a gray whale and a few dolphins. This is definitely something worth bringing your camera for. You can get your tickets ahead of time online and choose one of two time slots (12pm or 3pm). For more information visit Price: $30 per person

4. Bike/Surry Rental $: If you are one part of an outdoorsy couple then you will definitely get a kick out of Bike Rentals. Path options include: The Queen Mary and River Trail, Shoreline Aquatic Park, Rainbow Lagoon, Shoreline Village, and Belmont Short. Each route varies in distance from a 15 to 20 minute ride to an hour and a half ride. And after you are done with the rental you can stop buy the snack stands and restaurants nearby. More information at  Price: $12/hour per cruiser & $20/hour per surrey.

5. Beach Date $: If keeping it low-key is your thing, try a lovely beach date. Grab a blanket and some candles and you’ve got yourself a makeshift, romantic date. Don’t forget to stop by your favorite restaurant and add that to your picnic basket. Make sure your mobile device has a Pandora app to set the mood. Price: depends on you


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