An overview of Lupita Nyong'o and her eyecatching red carpet looks



Am I the only one that is reminded of a cousin, aunt or some relative whenever I hear the name Lupita? Although, I would love to think that the beautiful Lupita Nyong'o is some how related to me, I must admit I take much pride in the fact that she is Mexican--dual Kenyan and Mexican citizenship. How cool is that?! She is the first Mexican actress to win an Academy Award as well as the first African, which honestly brings me so much more joy to know that someone is representing Africans & Latinos so well in Hollywood. Lupita was nominated for various awards this award season and just this past Sunday won one of the most prestigious at the Oscars, the Academy Award for supporting actress in her role in “12 years a slave.”

Aside from film, Lupita is receiving rave reviews from the fashion industry for her amazing style. She steals the spotlight everywhere she goes and in anything she wears, so it was no surprise that she would be the one to watch. She arrived at the Oscars in a very ethereal powder blue Prada gown and headband. Are headbands going to make a comeback? Let's hope not.

Her Oscar gown was quite a drastic change from her previous award gowns, which were much more bold in color and in silhouette. The modern Ralph Lauren cape gown she donned at the Golden Globes, which by far is my favorite, was absolutely fierce and fearless!

A trend that was very evident at many red carpets during the award season was the column dress. A tricky dress style that if not done right could land you in the worst dressed list but at the SAG Awards worked in Lupita’s favor as she looked like perfection in Gucci.

Nonetheless, in my eyes Lupita can do no wrong. She is representing a beauty that for so long has been under appreciated due to the admiration of “traditional” American beauty standards. Lupita’s ebony skin, short hair and luscious lips may be of the norm elsewhere, however in the U.S. she is smashing through the blonde and white beauty walls Hollywood has built and is paving a path for women everywhere who have been told that their beauty does not please traditional aesthetics.

I can not wait to see where that path leads to, because like Lupita so gracefully said, “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”