A preview into Fashion Week LA



Amidst the models, runways and flashing lights of prominent fashion weeks happening all over the world, Los Angeles is hosting its own Fashion Week for the seventh season at LA LIVE starting March 9. With a schedule packed with unique international and native designers, Fashion Week LA looks promising, especially in men’s clothing. There are also several noteworthy women’s lines to look out for. Each of the following designers brings uniqueness to the runway.

Civil Society represents what LA males need daily--clean-cut for work, but very cool, casual and effortless for after hours. Designer Brad Schwartz said that all of the pieces in his fall collection are “very wearable.” Looking at his current and past lines, Civil Society has pieces ranging from tops, outerwear and bottoms all appropriate for work, a night out on the town or a casual flannel for a lazy Sunday--all the while looking trendy effortlessly.

Control Sector, a line featured during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, is also a men’s line to keep an eye on especially those underground, urban LA types. Its line will continue on its underground vibe, making a line for males who are more athletic and low-key. Control Sector’s fall line will feature mostly cold-weather clothing staying true to its underground and urban styles.

While the men’s lines look promising, women’s clothing is right on their coat tails. For the more everyday-casual, but still effortlessly chic woman, Lolly Clothing is the line to watch. Lolly Clothing has versatile pieces for women to look chic without trying, and at the same time, can be easily dressed up. Its fall line will feature many soft, drapey knits and leather accents too, for the simple yet edgy.

Fashion Week LA features much swimwear for women this year. Skinny Bikini Swimwear stands out from the crowd with its luxury-inspired swimwear for any woman seeking luxurious and glamorous bikini and one-piece styles. Skinny Bikini Swimwear makes its swimwear beautiful, but versatile too and is perfect for any woman whether she’s on a yacht in the south of France or lying by the pool in Las Vegas. Its fall line will feature flowing chiffon prints, beading and vibrant colors of sunset orange and violet orchid ready for any resort.

For women looking for a glamorous gown, Ina Soltani’s line has it covered. Her Middle East and Eastern European styles brings uniqueness to LA making her a favorite among many Hollywood A-Listers. Bringing inspiration from her native country, Bosnia, Soltani will bring tailored clean silhouettes and leather accents for her fall collection.

Fashion Week LA has become internationally recognized as legitimate and up there playing with the big dogs of fashion weeks. Coming around for its seventh season, every season promises bigger and better shows, displays and installations. This year’s show looks to be just that.

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