Great Mex Grillin'



When I’m feeling hungry after a workout, or the dining hall on campus has just closed its doors, I always know that great food is just around the corner at Great Mex Grill.

Due to the hole-in-the-wall’s close proximity to campus, it makes it easy for anybody living on campus or just leaving class to drive, skate or bike to eat in almost no time flat.

Great Mex is a tiny little place on the corner  of Atherton and Bellflower, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in  quality Mexican food. With their signature California twist, their menu is one of  the most appealing that I’ve seen around, with delicacies of all sorts that have been hand-picked to moisten the taste buds of any and all Mexican food lovers from the Golden State.

This place has great options for all three meals of the day, starting off with a couple standard Mexican breakfast plates like the Breakfast Quesadilla, the GM Slam (much like the Grand Slam at Denny’s) and finally, the most imperative part of any breakfast menu, the Breakfast Burrito.

Aside from their breakfast menu, they’ve got pretty much any and every item that you could wish for at a Mexican restaurant, their most popular item by far being their famous California Burrito. Complete with Carne Asada, French fries, cheese, sour cream and guacamole, this burrito represents that perfect concoction Mexican-California flavor.

This is what I always get, and with a plate of seasoned rice and beans on the side, your taste buds will pretty much be catapulted to Pluto and back. Along with the California Burrito, they’ve also got another California-Mexican standard: Carne Asada Fries. You’ll be unable to stop eating these fries until they’re done, and they could quite possibly get you hooked for good.

Once you’ve gotten your meal, be sure to grab a seat outside on their cozy bench out front of the restaurant on Atherton st. It’s a great spot for late afternoon hang-outs with friends, and your bound to see someone you know drive by at some point. With a location so close, and with food so good, there almost no reason why you shouldn’t.

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