Aji Peruvian Cuisine



Peruvian food is on my “foods I love most” list.  When I moved to Long Beach about a year ago, I had no clue where to eat Peruvian food, at least around the area in which I lived.

 A couple months ago, Aji Peruvian Cuisine opened its doors on 4th Street.  Tears almost filled my eyes when I knew I’d be able to finally indulge on Peruvian food goodness and not have to travel far, a trip to Aji was a must!

 I walked into a dim lit room, a pleasant calm feeling fell upon me as the smell of garlic and spices consumed my nostrils. I was acknowledged right away, and sat at a bench-like table.  Wooden fixtures and a rustic structure gave the restaurant an elegant yet cozy feel.  Dim lights adorned the walls and a wide selection of wines resided in a trendy covey fixture behind the bar.

Arrozito Norteño, a light buttery jasmine rice plate with an under the sea fiesta is ideal to the buds!  My teeth sunk into soft-garlic tasty scallops, while a perfect chewable squid ring danced around in my mouth with his buddy shrimp.

 The shrimp had a hint of sweetness, which made this seafood dish pop while the consistent onion crunch paired perfectly with the garlic taste the entrée conveyed.

The service was excellent, the server was very attentive and professional. He made his presence at the table when needed and was easy to get a hold of.

 P3 Artisan Pasta and Aji Peruvian Cuisine are partner restaurants owned by the same owners.  P3 serves lunch and dinner while Aji is only opened for dinner.

 Aji Peruvian Cuisine is located on 4th and Junipero Avenue in Long Beach, right next to the coffee shop Portfolio and is open from 5-10pm everyday.

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