Save the Whining for District Wine



District Wine is a cozy wine bar with elegant ambience and great service located on the corner of Linden Ave and Broadway in Downtown Long Beach. This place has an extensive menu of wines and beers. With over 60 wine bottles to choose from it makes staying for happy hour extremely easy. The wines are on average $9-10 a glass, but during happy hour you can get a glass of your favorite for $5.

District Wine also has good assortment of appetizers and flatbreads. I would highly recommend trying the pineapple and gorgonzola. My taste buds had never experienced such a combination but nevertheless it was delicious.

This place also offers wine tasting for those who have always wanted try it. For merely $14 you will be served four different pre-selected wines. The wine tasting is offered all day, every day, and the selection of wines change daily. Order this alongside a platter of assorted cheeses and you’ll be set for the rest of night.

If you are no wine connoisseur, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and will help you find a wine that is right for you. Simply tell your waiter or waitress how you would like your wine, whether it’s bitter or sweet, and they will make a recommendation that will best suit you. Before committing yourself to a whole glass or bottle, you can ask for a sample of the wine.

Service here was quick, which was surprising considering the large amount of people that were there. It is a small restaurant, so this place will get crowded faster than your average bar. This place is also a little noisier than I had expected, but again this is due to the building’s size and the fact that it was a weekend.

If you are out on the town and looking for a place to unwind while being wined and dined, then District Wine is for you.