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Imagine using products that are made from the simple, herbal ingredients that can be made from your garden. I fell in love with One Love Organics products over a year ago and first discovered these adorably packaged products when I sampled them at Foam Magazine. Today, One Love Organics has been featured in Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and many more. There’s a good reason One Love Organics is generating so much buzz.

Talking with One Love Organic’s President Suzanne LeRoux opened my eyes to sticking with simple ingredients and nurturing my skin.

Row: How has your company grown over the years? LeRoux: Through good, direct customer sales. It’s important we keep the highest, quality ingredients. We make and manufacture everything ourselves, we cut out the middleman; we would go against any brand for our quality of ingredients.

R: What are two products college students should use? L: It’s a toss up between Easy Does It and Brand New Day Scrub. At your stage of life, a lot of people go to bed with their makeup on and there cannot be anything that can age you faster! Just cleanse you skin.

R: What is your best seller? L: The Skin Savior Balm. It’s multi-use and you can use it on anything and mix it with anything. It’s the wonder balm! When I first became a mom, my house was full of stuff and I developed this for its multi-purpose use.

R: What exactly is facial oil? L: Regular lotion leaves emollients. Facial oil is a straight, active ingredient. Three drops and press it deep into the skin, it should feel matte afterwards.

R: Any tips for stressed out university students? Since we wear our stress on our skin. L: The Skin Savior Balm, it helps smooth and calm down the skin without aggravating it. Second, try your best to cut carby foods. Take in tea and a local, home grown diet.

R: What should I do about my occasional breakouts? L: Brand New Day, Greek yogurt and raw honey for a facemask. It’s good enzyme treatments while moisturizing and pampering your skin.

R: I have the worst eye bags…. L: Under eye treatment is starting with treating you skin gently. Gently pamper and care using gentle cleansers.

R: Any final words for female college students? L: You feel a lot of pressure in college and it’s unnecessary because no one is perfect. I think I have found that a happy woman is a pretty woman. A woman is lovely, happy, laughing… that is beauty. Happiness is beauty.

Here are a few of products to check out.

Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser: With all of One Love Organic’s products, a little goes a long way. A quarter size portion of this cleanser wipes away any gunk left on your face from a long day. Made from flower, fruit and other yummy extracts, this cleanser can be used on your face, body and hair.

Morning Glory: I’m still kind of in “facial oil” training but Morning Glory is really simple to use. It took me a while to get the hang of tea tree oils and I’m thinking facial oils can easily become the replacement for heavy moisturizers. This oil is so simple to use and I mix it with a light moisturizer.

Skin Savior Balm: I’m such a fan of balms! My green balm was my best friend for the past few years and it has just met its match. I get random, dry patches of skin during the transition between winter into spring and this balm has saved me this whole week. I keep it next to my bed and when an area of skin starts getting irritated, I rub a tiny bit of this on.

Brand New Day scrub and masque: After a full workweek and weekend of play, I spend my Sunday nights doing a good ol’ masque treatment. Trying new masques can be scary because a lot of low quality ones can really agitate the skin and might cause your face to break out, dry out or freak out. This masque is fail proof for even the most sensitive skin and it feels like you just washed a whole week off your face. Think of it like your face is seeing a brand new day every time you use it.

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