10 Books to Read: "Insomnia"



You know that point of exhaustion where the word tired is no longer just a word but a sense of self, where you can feel the sleepiness drape itself over you like a thick wool blanket, where your eyes are so low you aren’t really sure if they’re actually open or you’re just dreaming? Stephen King’s "Insomnia" may keep you up late, but your eyes will be glued to the pages of this geriatric adventure.

When Ralph Roberts’ wife dies, he develops a case of insomnia that worsens each night that he attempts to get some rest. Soon he begins to see things that lead him to think he’s losing his mind, but when they are connected to events that are happening in the real world, Ralph realizes that he has been exposed to a very dangerous world.

Ralph witnesses three small people he calls the doctors, that only he can see, collect people at their time of death. At first he believes that these apparitions are murdering these people, but he soon realizes that they are only there to signify their death in lieu of the Greek Mythology trio Moirai that handles the life of every mortal from birth to death.

Once Ralph intrudes upon this world, he is thrust into a deadly plot already in motion and finds himself unable to stand by and watch innocent people get killed.

Don’t let Ralph’s old age fool you; this book is brimming with enough thrills and action to keep you enthralled until the very poignant ending.

Stephen King manages to incorporate Greek Mythology, romance, murder, supernatural hit men, and an intense murder plot involving a plane into this story of one man’s quest for sleep turned into a mission to keep a child alive.