I’m a firm believer in trying new things and after hearing about this place from so many friends, I tried it for the first time the summer of 2012. I go back every chance I get.  The nearest location is in Cypress, nestled in a small strip mall across the street from Cypress College. Upon walking in, you see the freezer which is home to the vast variety of sorbet flavors. Peering down at the freezer, you have an edible rainbow in front of you. Flavors range from passion fruit to mocha. Some flavors change according to season.

The atmosphere within is welcoming; music playing in the background, and the décor is bright but not overwhelming on the eyes. Servers are helpful and very understanding to first -timers and indecisive customers, and they are attentive and happy to give recommendations.

Before making your selection, you can narrow down your choices by getting free samples. Sorbet samples are usually paired with their signature frozen vanilla custard. They recently added frozen chocolate custard to the menu.

The servers scoop so effortlessly that it looks like art, and the layering of the custard to sorbet ratio is on point every time.  I stick to the sorbet cream because I like layering different flavors. However, customers have the choice of sorbet cream, sorbet chill, sorbet shake, sorbet soda, or sorbet cream soda.

The sorbet cream is a mix in your choice of sorbet flavors and vanilla or chocolate custard. Every sorbet and custard mix creates a different taste, so choose wisely!

The last time I went I had a peanut butter, strawberry, and chocolate sorbet cream. It was like a peanut butter, jelly and Nutella sandwich.

And if you don’t feel like having a little freeze in your mouth, try a crepe. Crepes are made to order, available in both sweet and savory. You have your choice of toppings which are all displayed on the menu. The sweet crepe is an indulgence that can be shared or devoured on your own.

Frostbites is a place you can go and hangout with your friends. It’s comfortable and lively; the perfect place to be after a busy week at school.

There are currently four locations, the closest being in Cypress. Another location will soon come to Long Beach, off Ximeno Avenue.