10 Books to Read: "The Godsend"


Godsend, The - Bernard Taylor - Avon Books - Mar 1977

"The Godsend" was written by Bernard Taylor and published in 1976, the same year that "The Omen" was published, and it may be a better fit for someone who’s looking for a story about an evil child without the added religious background. In "The Omen", an affluent couple resorts to desperate measures to have a child and end up with the next antichrist as their son. "The Godsend", however, takes a different route that may be more chilling.

The story follows the Marlowes, a young married couple, as they take in a baby girl and raise her as their own after her mother strangely abandons her shortly after giving birth. The Marlowes begin the story with four children; the newly acquired Bonnie makes it five.

As Bonnie begins to grow up and interact with the other children, strange and dangerous things start to happen.

The father of the family narrates the story, and it follows his descent into madness that is driven solely by Bonnie.

No one wants to believe or even entertain the idea that Bonnie could be doing anything with such malicious intent, and he seems to be the only one that catches her when her plans are put into action.

I believe that the most terrifying aspect of this story is that Bonnie is evil for no other reason than that: being evil.

There is no long-winded explanation about the impregnation of a jackal in order to produce Satan’s child; Bonnie is a pure force of evil that will manipulate and calculate her way into power.

This novel will drag you down alongside the father’s descent into insanity and place you right into the cold and soulless sights of an immensely evil little girl.