Laurenly's fashion trends for spring break



Spring break is knocking near and pounding in our hearts. The best way to avoid any stress during our life free from the shackles of school is by having our best gear on deck. Don’t let this gloomy weather deter you from having second thoughts on what to or what not to wear; combat the clouds with bright colors to match a gleaming smile. The “Laurenly girl” sticks with the casual California style with a bit of rebellious flare.

Lauren Miller opened Laurenly Boutique in Orange, California in 2010. She grew up always wanting to open a store of her own that would embody her own style while emulating inspiring fashion around her.

Luckily for us, Miller has a number of insider contacts so she can introduce consumers to special, handcrafted and developing brands, like The Lace Project. Ladies of all ages can shop at Laurenly, from the grade school girl whose just finding her fashion identity to the more, mature clientele who are looking for trendy classic pieces. It also features a number of different accessories that are just starting to popularize in the market.

Taylor Galyan of Laurenly shared with me her words of wisdom on how to embrace style while maintaining a feminine identity and taking on breaking style ground this spring.

  1. Stackable bracelets: Stacking an obnoxious amount of bracelets, think beyond double digits, is one of the Laurenly signature looks. Sure it might be a bit daunting to cover an entire wrist with arm candy, especially those of us who shy away from over-accessorizing. Can you ever have too much of a good thing, though? Laurenly offers hand wired, gold-plated customized bracelets, rings and necklaces. Think the famous ‘Carrie’ bracelet from “Sex and the City,” but with a bit of edge. Add around ten more bracelets to the mix: bangles, fabric, metal and a variety of colors.
  2. High waist shorts: These shorts are virtually flattering on everyone and with spring coming in, retail stores are giving us a number of different fabrics and colors to play with. Go beyond the standard denim and play with print, high waste shorts can be found in anything from floral to stripes. Best thing about high waist shorts is that they work well thing the next thing on this list.
  3. Crop tops: To the chagrin of many ladies, this trend doesn’t seem to be going away but it’s really not too awful. Crop tops can always be paired with high waist anything, from maxi skirts to shorts to jeans. If crop tops aren’t your thing, they can always be layered over a form fitting tank top. Plus, it’s spring break anyways so why not throw a bit of caution to the wind?
  4. Print pants: This is definitely one of the more daring trends but owning a pair of print pants is rad. The way to steer clear of looking “too much” is by pairing the pants with a muted top. Print pants have been coming out in soft materials with a slight flare bottom, which makes it feel like you’re wearing pajama bottoms to a bar… and that’s awesome.
  5. Booties: Winter has come and gone but booties are here to stay. Unfortunately, booties are nearly impossible to find in department stores anymore but you can stomp into a pair online or shoes stores like Aldo. Booties match with everything and pairing them with a dress or a skirt can take any outfit from day to night. Sandals and heels can be a burden when trekking through spring break festivities but booties are so comfortable you can last an entire day without hating life.
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