Jason Derulo shows musical growth with "Talk Dirty"


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Whether driving down the 405 or working up a sweat at the gym, Jason Derülo’s new album Talk Dirty is the ultimate go-to. Derülo is a singer, songwriter and dancer that has come a long way since the start of his career as a solo recording artist in 2009. At age 23, he has sold more than 30 million singles and has achieved five Top 5 singles, including his most recent song, “Talk Dirty”.

This album is Derülo’s fourth album release. It is a true demonstration of his growth as an artist since his first album released when he was 19 years old.  This album is much edgier and less sensitive then his other albums and has a very fun and exciting feel.

Derülo created a track list that is much more versatile for the listener than previous compilations. For an album that was pieced together from his Tattoos EP, a strictly international release, the flow works surprisingly well.

Some big name artists featured on Talk Dirty include Snoop Dogg, Jordin Sparks and up and coming artist Kid Ink. Every song is unique is honest. Although there is a bit of overkill with the “booty” references, each track is different from the previous. As long as you can ignore the booty talk, Talk Dirty is a well-crafted album that I think will do extremely well.

What I appreciated most was the variety of music Derülo has to offer and the different dimensions of the track list. Some tracks are clearly designed to be played in the club whereas others are more emotional and cater to the ladies.

His first track and album single  “Talk Dirty”, is inescapable and can be heard on almost every car radio. The track features artists 2 Chainz and the two created the perfect club beat. The track is fun, up lifting, and vibrant to the ears. His second track on the album “Wiggle” features artist Snopp Dogg and is equally as fun as the first.

The fifth track on the album “Vertigo”, that features Derülo’s girlfriend Jordin Sparks, takes a much more serious and emotional direction then previous tracks on the album. The song is unique to the rest of the album because it has a very raw and sexy feel. It is stripped down and piano based so that every emotion can be felt and heard.  I can always appreciate when a couple who is equally talented combines those talents to produce a track that is very sweet and the perfect example of what makes a couple strong.

Overall Talk Dirty is a very fun album that will do very well. Derülo has really proven himself as an artist and in his talents in the music industry. As long as he continues to put out music similar to this album, he will continue to do well in his career.