The media's portrayal of women is all wrong


I poked my eye this morning with a pointy mascara brush trying to make myself appealing to the eye of strangers or members of our “wonderful” society.

I have to thank the media for making women as powerful they are now, because things have changed, right?

This is not the case, people! Open your eyes!

Yes, silliness is in my nature and I cry. Sue me, I’m human. So when will I finally be taken seriously?

I blame media and Hollywood, in particular, for painting this horrific image of the “everyday woman.”

Boys are socialized to think that men are better, more powerful, in control, and smarter. They’re taught that their needs get met first.

What the heck! What positive qualities are girls left to think about when identifying what a woman is, and what sort of “men” are we creating?

I’m outraged; you’d be surprised of the stupid comments some of our “professional” news anchormen say to our anchorwomen and female leaders.

Geez, we’re supposed to be trusting of our subjective news, but at the same time you have little respect towards women? Use that “ethical” mind of yours subjectively towards gender itself.

 Reality shows paint this negative image of women who are “decorative”, “gold-diggers”, “bitchy”, “catty”, “stupid” and more emotional than men.

Our society created this stereotype that is not what a leader is.  If a woman runs for office, the words that come out of her mouth are the last thing the audience pays attention to because everyone is too busy looking at the yellow dress and hair-do she chose to sport that day.

Women are portrayed as sexual objects in today's media.  Our wonderful Disney princesses are wearing the least amount of garment a person could possibly wear. A rated G movie has a little mermaid in a bathing suit top and Tinkerbell’s behind is hanging out of her glittery skirt.

 I never considered myself a feminist but, heck, my mascara-lumpy eyes are wide open now and as a soon-to-be professional entering the “real” world of expectations, I wonder to myself, is this all worth it? Is getting paid 77 cents on man’s dollar worth my sweat?

Well, it is…I’m not a model, I’m not a music video extra, and I’m not the actress who is trying to find true love.  I am here to inform my nation and if I’m not part of that “change,” then no woman will be.

Cheers to all the real women running for office and taking on professional roles because like Harris-Perry from MSNBC said, “Women on the right, on the left, in the middle...often try to fight for things that men, in all of those places, have ignored for decades.”

Women, try to please realize when you find yourself caking on way too much make-up, and men, help us end this ignorant habit our society has.

Think about these serious issues and act upon them; our world can actually be a better place!

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