Tequila Jacks



If you’re looking for a fun, semi-classy dinner spot with a great nighttime atmosphere, Tequila Jacks is definitely the place for you. Located just next to the Long Beach Harbor, Tequila Jacks presents a stunning mix of beautiful port side scenery and its own special brand of modern nightlife. Highly recommended for the 21+ crowds, this place is just as much a bar as it is a restaurant. For the most exciting experience, grab a table on their outdoor patio, where the harbor is just over the guardrail and the seating is arranged for optimal social mingling.

Aside from the excellent evening atmosphere, the restaurant also hosts an extraordinary array of dishes that range from Mexican to seafood, and all are sure to delight your taste buds.

For our meal, we chose the Mahi-Mahi—A Mahi filet prepared Cajun style, served with Mexican white rice, sautéed vegetables, and topped off with a tasty side of Mexican corn pudding. Both my roommate and I cleaned our plate, and by the end of it walked away completely satisfied. Yes—I did mean to use the singular; each of their more delectable dishes carries an equally heavy price tag, and we were forced to split the plate.

Tequila Jacks might be slightly out of budget for the everyday wage-slave college student, as the average dish totals around seventeen dollars and even my beer was eight-fifty.  Aside from being broke after having to pay the tab at the end, the rest of our dinner experience was amazing.

The service was great and the waitresses were all very cheery and friendly. We also noticed that they happened to be quite pretty to boot. The interior of the restaurant was decorated quite nicely, with different visual themes like wall-mounted candle-lights and fabulous crystal chandeliers located separately in each section of the establishment, making for a different vibe and a possibly different experience each time you go.

All in all, as we left Tequila Jacks and made our way home, the only thoughts going through our heads were about our delicious meal and the amount of fun that Tequila Jacks could offer someone with a decent paying nine-to-five job.