Neon Trees has a new, more polished sound in "Pop Psychology"


neon trees

Neon Trees has had hits, such as, “Animal” and “Everybody Talks”, but this year the band has released a new, more polished sound to their new album, “Pop Psychology.” The popular song from the album, “Sleeping with a Friend” showcases how Neon Trees has polished their sound from the roughness of the guitar and vocals in “Animal”. The first song on the album, “Love in the 21st Century” is super catchy and sets off the rest of the album. The sound that “Love in the 21st Century” showcases the majority of what kind of sound that you will be hearing throughout the album; which is a lot of pop sounds similar to Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and many more popular pop artists, but still keeping their own unique sound.

“Text Me in the Morning”, is another catchy song. It is up-beat and fun to dance too. The lyrics in “Text Me in the Morning” are very suggestive and hint to promiscuity, speaks about one night stands and being left alone in the morning and being told lies during the night just to “get busy”. But Neon Trees made what could be a sad song into this happy song that can make people feel OK, when they have one night stands in a bar and never hear from their partner again.

“Teenager in Love” is a good song, but it didn’t sound like Neon Trees. The composition was so clean and sweet and it could have been mistaken for bubble-gum.

The songs are danceable and catchy, so catchy to the point that after hearing it once people can sing the refrain easily by the second listen, the song that embodies that the most is “I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)”. “Pop Psychology” is an awesome listen while driving because it is not boring and the temp changes smoothly. The album as a whole is a fun album and a must have for any fan of catchy dance music.