DIG Box Office: "The Other Woman" proves to be an empowering romantic comedy


the other woman

Ladies, grab your best friends and your laughing caps and be sure to catch The Other Woman this weekend. Whether you’re getting over a break up or just need a good laugh, The Other Woman is the perfect opportunity to bond in a feel-good sisterhood film. The Other Woman, directed by Nick Cassavetes, displays a classic and unexpected friendship that forms after three women discover they are all being played by the same man.

The film created the most odd pair of friends under unusual circumstances and proved that opposites truly do attract. Cameron Diaz played character Carly, a woman who was extremely independent and did not need a man to define her. Kate King, played by Leslie Mann, was a woman who was adorably innocent and had no idea how to live with out her husband. The trio was perfected when both Carly and Kate’s character discovered that the man they were both seeing, played by actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, had room for one more. The third woman to enter the ring was Amber, played by Kate Upton. Once Amber’s character discovered her role in the mastermind plan of Mark King, she was quick to join forces with the other women to create a mutual plot of revenge.

The romantic comedy was just under two hours and filled every scene with a different emotion. At times I felt sad, others I felt empowered, and in most moments my tears were drawn from true laughter.

Because I have seen many “chick-flicks” in my lifetime, some good and some bad, I was skeptical at first when I purchased my ticket and entered the theater. As soon as the credits were done rolling, I thought to my self, "here we go again, another chick-flick gone bad." To my surprise, The Other Woman was not only more then just a love story gone wrong, but a truly inspirational movie. The film demonstrated the strength that woman can have by building lasting friendships with each other and how important these friendships can be when a time comes to stick together.

So, if your looking for the perfect date night this weekend or just a girls night out, watching The Other Woman is the perfect way to spend the evening and is a film that simply cannot be missed.