DIG Box Office: Seth MacFarlane debuts acting chops on "A Million Ways to Die in the West"



Seth Macfarlane’s film is explicitly funny. If you are a fan of Macfarlane’s work then you will not be disappointed. After watching the trailer you think that the movie is going to be about the nice guy trying to pursuit the new woman in town and overcoming obstacles along the way.

However, that was not the case until the very end. The movie focuses on Albert (Seth Macfarlane) and his love for Louise (Amanda Seyfried.) Louise dumped Albert and claimed to be “working on herself” but pursued a relationship with the rich and handsome Foy (Neil Patrick Harrison.)

Albert tried his best to get Louise back and then Anna (Charlize Theron) came into town. After saving her from being crushed by two fighting cowboys at the saloon, they become friends. That same night Albert explains his situation with Louise to Anna. She offered to help him get her back.

The next scene is at the county fair; in the mist of bets and gun shooting games Albert challenges Foy to a gunfight in order to get Louise back. In the meantime, Anna trains Albert how to shoot a gun but then finds herself falling in love with him.

The day of the gunfight Albert realizes that he lost his interest in Louise and loves Anna.

However, Anna failed to notify Albert that she is married to the infamous gunslinger and most dangerous man in the West, Clinch (Liam Neeson.) Things get very interesting and take a turn when Clinch arrives in town.

Furthermore, if you are into dirty, fart, Seth Macfarlane jokes I recommend you watch this movie. If you need a distraction and just want to laugh with your buddies then this is the movie for you.

Aside from the jokes, the movie tells you to never settle for less and follow your heart. Each individual has something great to offer and if people don’t appreciate your amazing qualities then they don’t belong in your life.