Must-have accessories for fall



Ladies, it’s time to start stocking up on your fall accessories, prep your wardrobe and stay on trend whether for a day at school or a night out. Pearl earrings or a pearl necklace can transcend seasons and class up any outfit. My secret go-to is only $2.80. Shoppers on a strict budget, look no further than Forever 21 for an 8-pack of small, medium and large sized pearl earrings.

Metallic colors can make your look edgier and modern. Layer your fingers with rings of varying colors. Mixing and matching rings can bring out your fall nail color and perfect any relaxed casual look.

Be bold and grab a statement necklace to brighten this fall’s earth tones.


Don’t stuff your booties under your bed or into the closet, they will be a key player when you are piecing together chic or casual looks. Don’t forget to pair booties with thigh high tights or socks to vamp up any dress or skirt combination.

Take your look from casual to night with knee-high boots. They will pair well with this fall’s relaxed shapes and color schemes.

When your other accessories can’t provide that slight edge to your outfit, choose the right shoes for the job. This fall’s women’s fashion will be influenced by menswear, but that doesn’t mean boring shoes. Grab Oxfords, lace-up loafers or Mary Jane’s that are out of the box colors or prints.

Drop the orange, nude is the new black. Prepare for fall from head to toe with this list of must have accessories.


Seeing how fall’s color scheme will be a motley of neutral or Earth-tones, find other ways to get that pop of color. Headbands or other hair wear, can become those statement pieces.

Grab a headband or head wrap with this fall must have print.

Hair bows and clips are back in.

Ladies, stick with more neutral colors like black or nude. Then you can wear and even recycle them for winter or spring.

Hats and Scarves

Panama, Bowler and floppy are all hat types that our tresses should get used to for fall. My personal favorites, the fedora and the beret, are other options that you can pursue.

Whether you’re hiding bed head or you want to add something more to your overall look, any of these hats can do that.

As far as scarves go, longer ones will be the must-have. Play with patterns, prints or textures. This fall, scarves will provide the accent needed to keep you warm but also get you noticed.


After visiting the Vogue website, I gathered that this fall will be seeing much smaller purses. Away with tote bags and bulky purses; think minimalistic.

Elle Magazine agrees, go with a small purse or clutch this fall.


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