Ray Rice Troubled But Getting There



Ray Rice is among the list of NFL football stars who are under fire. Other names include Josh Gordon, Greg Hardy, LeGarrette Blount, and Adrian Peterson who find themselves in trouble with the law. All the commotion started when TMZ released a video of Rice hitting his wife, Janay Rice in an elevator. It started with a punch then it resulted in him dragging her outside of the elevator. At the time, this event happened back in February and the two weren’t married yet, but the video was released now.

“I feel like it happened too late. We don’t know exactly what happened before like if she started it or not, but no man should ever do that,” 19-year-old sports psychology major Yorick Beta said.

As soon as the video exploded, the internet went on a frenzy. According to CNN, Rice apologized and told them “I’m holding strong for my wife and kid.” His wife, Janay addressed the media stating, “This is our life.”

He had already been suspended two games before the start of the season. Then it was led to being suspended indefinitely and was later released by the Baltimore Ravens.

EA Sports banned him from being in Madden 15 and Nike cut all ties with him as well. On top of all that, many believe he should be charged with domestic violence.

“I think he’s an idiot because no one should hit people male or female.  He screwed up a big part of his life,” 22-year-old criminal justice major, Antoine Hull said. “I’m not sure if he deserves a second chance,  I want to say, ‘no too bad,’ but then there’s a part of me who says everyone deserves a second chance.”

A similar situation happened with defensive end, Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers who was actually convicted of assaulting and threatening his girlfriend, Nicole Holder. Hardy still has a trial date in November planning to appeal the verdict.

Josh Gordon, wide receiver of the Cleveland Browns and LeGarrette Blount, running back of the Pittsburgh Steelers were pulled over for marijuana possession. Blount never got suspended, however Gordon who was also speeding at the time received a full year suspension.

Another individual, Michael Vick quarterback of the New York Jets spent 18 months in jail for dogfighting. Although, comparing dogs to humans is different, but killing and harming dogs is unethical. What Rice did too was wrong, but there’s still the part he laid a hand on another human being.

With all that Rice has been through, he’s working to improve his family and social life. He plans on fighting against the league’s suspension hoping to get that second chance.

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