A "Goddess" has spoken


With the longing vibes of Lana Del Rey, the mesmerizing electricity of Florence Welch and the combining sounds of New Order and Lykke Li, BANKS is ready to become the next big, new wave-R&B songstress.

26 year-old, LA Native Jillian Banks first started to write songs when she was fifteen after she learned how to play the piano. BANKS’ career quickly began to take shape after touring with The Weeknd in 2013. Her first single, the electronic hymn “Before I Ever Met You” was released in 2013 after her EPs Fall Over and London emerged. Using the web-based music sharing site Spotify, Banks continued to trickle out single after single, remix after remix.

Before the release of her highly anticipated debut album Goddess, BANKS appeared on several magazine covers including Hunger, V Magazine and Clash Magazine. She has also been featured in Nylon, Interview Magazine and Filter Magazine. BANKS has made BBC’s Sounds of 2014 list, was iTunes Single of the Week in early September and is currently Starbucks’ Pick of the Week with the Goddess track “Drowning”.  MTV nominated her for this year’s “New Nominee” award; BANKS placed seventh among fellow rising artists such as Royal Blood, Sam Smith and George Ezra.

Goddess was released on September 9, 2014 and landed the #20 spot on the UK charts. Entertainment Weekly’s Miles Raymer gave praise for BANKS’s first album while applauding her “sonic ambition and willingness to risk alienating a pop audience with Goddess' gloomy, tweaky beat”. 

Listening to Goddess might remind you of early Depeche Mode and late Justin Timberlake. Weaving heart-wrenching ballads such as “Someone New”, “Change” and “You Should Know Where I’m Coming From” with electronic, hip-hop melodies like “Goddess”, “Drowning” and “Bedroom Wall” gives Goddess a unique, edgy feel that most artists today try too hard to find.

Executive Producer for the album was Trevor McFedries, nicknamed Lil Silva, who has produced for Chris Brown and Sky Ferreira. Justin Parker, who helped write Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games," co-wrote most of the songs on Goddess.

Lyrics like “What if I knew I would rip your mind apart” and “the way you make me feel all sexy but its causing me shame/I wanna lean on your shoulder/ I wish I was allowed but I don’t wanna cause any pain” gives the album a feel of regret and sorrow.

Nonetheless BANKS powers through Goddess with hard, mind-numbing beats, a sultry voice with surprising range and lines like “You shoulda crowned her/Cause she’s a goddess/you never got this”. With Goddess, listeners might start getting it.

A deluxe edition of Goddess is now available at Target which includes four additional tracks and an exclusive red-tinted CD case.