Fall Trends for the Men in Your Life



With fashion week lurking around the corners of fashion capitals, you’ll find yourself looking for runway trends in your store of choice.

Secret is, you should probably start investing in these looks now because they’ll still be here in the fall.

Even if you don’t know what you’ll be wearing, your favorite brands and designers have you covered.

Enduring styles from past seasons sneak their way into this season’s fashion cycle, recycled yet reinvented.

Old fabrics are mixed with new ones, bright summer hues convert into cool tone hues and cropped pants with well-tailored jackets become the next big thing.

Wool suits, tweed blazers and tuxedos are among some of the upcoming fall 2014 trends.

A standard slim fit two button suit continues to make its way into season trends, whether it be summer, fall, autumn, or spring.

However, some suit wearers are settling and getting used to the  one-button suit. As the year and seasons progress, peaking collars seem to be getting bigger and textures seem to be of more importance.

Fabrics are the main detailing when it comes to men’s suits in the fall. Wool and cashmere have always been the dominating fabric during fall and winter because they provide more warmth according to the season.

Texture of the fabric however, is what adds spice to the overall look; it provides thickness and detail to the fall look. The added texture requires the tailoring to be focused on space in order to allow more movement for the wearer.

Tweed is also among the new trending fabrics; it is seen in many fall lines.  The new fall 2014 Men’s suit collection at Bonobos.com provides a perfect example of wool and tweed suits that effortlessly compliment the season.

This fabric is new for the Bonobos collection, but they do not limit themselves on the features of their signature wool Foundation suit.  Features like the interior design and tailoring, provide the suit collection with what it needs to be successful this fall.

The tailoring on suits for fall is sharp with slim fit lines and vintage cuts.

Blake Scott, LA native and personal style blogger at AnythingandEverythingLA.com says, “The key with suiting, in terms of every year is fit.  Fit is key when determining if the cut is right for you or not”.

If skinny suits weren’t already a trend of the past couple of seasons, they are going to be of dominance this upcoming season.

The pants can either be cropped, fitted but not too tight, or both. The slim fit comes with a slightly accentuation of the waist, yet enough space that allows for movement.

The color palette this fall varies. Aside from the usual black, grey and navy color hues, a darker version of summer colors will be seen this fall.

George LaBoda, Co-owner of gentslounge.com which provides blogs,videos and events on men’s fashion, says that browns and earthy tones will be the most popular, along with dulled down blues and greens.

“You usually don't see people having as much fun with their outfits in fall/winter as you do in spring/summer, but I think with colors like these it will be a very interesting fall,” says LaBoda.

Underneath it all, the suit can be complemented with an under vest.  Although the three piece suit is usually used for a more classic look, most men this season have been going for that classic look as they see fit.

As for shirts, floral prints and bold patterns have been in and can continue to roll over, but classic solids are the way to go for fall.

Whether you’re gearing up for fall or not, men’s suit trends are always changing and can be seen from the sidelines.

Very minimal change can result in new trends that can possibly lay over to the next season.

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