Coffee as a body scrub? Yes please!



Ladies and gents, if you like to get naked, dirty, rough and clean… then you’ll love Frank.  He’s not just another typical scrub. Generation Y has quickly become a generation full of Do it Yourself (DIY) and all-natural home remedies.  However, Pinterest seems to have a knack of making anything DIY look a million times easier than reality.  Thankfully, you can get the DIY effect and benefits with Frank’s Coffee Scrub, a natural, vegan scrub designed to target and aid skin conditions such as eczema, cellulite, stretch marks, acne and psoriasis.

Frank is packed with tons of great  ingredients including brown sugar, sea salt, almond oil and orange essence, but the scrub’s main ingredient is a roasted and ground robusta coffee beans.  Caffeine stimulates blood flow and increases circulation, in attempt to minimalize the appearance of stretch marks.  Not to mention, coffee acts as a natural exfoliator for dry skin, leaving your skin refreshed and renewed.  Who would’ve thought that there are more uses for coffee than keeping you alive during mid-term cramming?

I can act as an advocate for these claims and confidently say I love Frank.  After one use, I could see a slightly reduced appearance in stretch marks, and my skin felt brand new.  Yet, don’t be fooled, there’s no magical ingredient in Frank that makes all cellulite, stretch marks and other problem areas disappear, but really there’s no one magical ingredient that makes problem areas disappear all together - period.

Here are a few tips for first timers using Frank.

Stay in the shower: Frank will get messy.  I recommend starting using this product in the shower, turning the water off once applied but staying inside the shower until the process is complete.

Get rough: The more elbow grease put into exfoliating, the more results you will reap.

Be patient: Once applied, the longer you keep Frank on the better.  This goes with repetitive use as well.  The more you use Frank the more he’ll help!

Use before bed:  If you’re using Frank right, your skin may be a little sensitive and red from all the elbow grease.  Best to use before bed, so you’re skin has a chance to relax.

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