Fall Fashion, Summer Heat



You can hardly tell that it’s fall with the 80-degree weather, and it has most of us wondering when we can break out our boots and jackets. Kimberly Tran, 22, a chemistry major does fall fashion perfectly with the hot weather. Seen in a stripped T-shirt dress, ankle boots, and a military style jacket. She has the perfect balance of an autumn look but light enough to accommodate the heat.

“My favorite fall trend is ankle boots,” Tran, 22, said.

I spotted Vincent Quach, 20, Fashion Merchandising major right away. He wasn’t letting the heat get in the way of his fall fashion. Dressed to the nines, Quach was rocking his combat boots and leather jacket.

“I just wear what I want, I don’t follow any of that”, Austin Durant, 25, photography major said when asked what his favorite fall trend was.

He was styled effortlessly in his jeans and t-shirt.

Fall is known for layering and sweaters and that is what Shawn Malveda, 18, Pre Nursing major, loves about fall. However, it’s been way to hot for any sweaters recently so he was dressed in his distressed jeans and button up top, he finished off his look with a pair of creepers.

“Colors! It’s been too hot to wear anything fall, so I love all the fall colors, deep oranges and maroons,” Maddison Ballew, 19, Communications major said.

She was seen in a cute light pink colored crop top and emerald high waist shorts. As Ballew stated there are certain colors that are on the rise this fall and emerald is one of them.

Fashion is a universal language as I found to be true when I ran into two study aboard students from Denmark. Emilie Hage, 24, Communication major, was seen in a black dress and had a pop of color with a mustard colored jacket.

Camilla Marie Birkebaek Rasmussen, 23, Communication major was wearing a black romper and her color pop was a blue scarf.

Both Hage and Rasmussen said that California fall fashion was definitely different from Denmark, because of the weather. Both of their favorite stores to shop in were Zara and H&M.

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