Fall hair and make-up trends to follow



Hair and makeup is a way to express one’s individuality and enhance one’s appearance in ways they choose to.  There are many different styles and looks you can try for the fall season. Make-up

If you want to try a full, strong, and bold look for eyebrows, you can create the body by filling in your brow with short strokes.

When applying glittery eye shadow, make sure that the glitter looks diffused and not chunky or patchy.  In order to direct attention on the glitter, make sure the rest of the face is neutral.

Red eye shadow should be applied above the black eye shadow.  The color goes well with any eye color and awakens the black.

A dramatic smoky brown eyes look is soft and sultry.  Blend the shadow all over the lid and all the way up to your eyebrows.  Use the same shade to line the whole eye, then go over it with a medium-size powder brush to soften edges and top it off with mascara and eyeliner along upper and lower lash lines.

A jewel-tone colored eye shadow look is created by blending the shadow into a cat-eye shape, and then work in a frosty shade at the inner corners of the eyes to illustrate brightness.  The color orange for this fall, goes on lips appropriately causing the lips to pop out, it is also a distinctive look.

Make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury says silver eye shadow is “punky and a little futuristic,” according to an allure.com article.  Line your eyes with a gunmetal shade, and then apply the liner over the lids and blend it upwards.  Afterwards, put silver cream shadow in the corners of the eyes.  If you want a shiny look, spread clear gloss over it all.


Braids, side-swept hair, classic French twist, buns and knots, bob, and braided updo are all trends that are considered in for the fall, so you can consider trying out one of these new hairstyles for the new season.

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